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Welcome Little Man <3

January 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Baby Boy


What an awesome way to start out 2018. I fell in love with this little one, so sweet and oh so sleepy. I was so excited when Cortney contacted me to do some photos of the new little one and his very proud big sister. I've wanted to photograph them for so long, just a beautiful family.

We did our session right at their home, the natural light was gorgeous in every room. I took advantage of every angle I could find, hopefully I didn't make anyone nervous moving things ;) Shooting at a clients house brings so much to the session, perfect time too... boy it's COLD outside!

Watching this sweet girl with her baby brother was magical. The look in her eyes as she looked at him, ugh, melts my heart. The sweet moments from reading to him, to talking to him and just admiring him <3

Look at this little nugget... how could you not fall in love?!?! This is an antique ice cream maker that Tanner is peacefully resting in. It belonged to his daddy's grandfather. What a sweet way to capture something that is so meaningful.

Captured a moment for Daddy, since he was working and wasn't able to watch this fun session. Now that is what I call picture perfect, not to mention... wow what a deer! 

Right here is why I love what I do. I get to capture a moment that is over in a blink of an eye, and preserve it for a lifetime. Truly a beautiful mom full of so much love and admiration for her family. 

Those sweet sweet moments, again we can pose them, we can tell them how to sit or smile, but we can't tell them how to love. It's so clear here and in every image. I can't wait to watch these two grow and change along the way. Nothing cuter than those adorable baby yawns. Perfect way to call it a wrap. Thank you again for allowing me in your home to capture a brief moment into your life. xoxo



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