Tammy Lynne Photography | Tingley Family- 2018

Tingley Family- 2018

January 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Tingley Family


This was a great way to start out my 2018 season. Thank you Brianna for contacting me about a gift certificate for your mom. There really isn't a better gift than capturing a moment that you can treasure for a lifetime. We weren't sure what we were in for as far as weather, it's Michigan after all. We had a super great day though, we were able to do outside photos as well as inside. I know Jenni was so excited, and how cute are they in their coats and fun hats!?!

How sweet are these furbabies?!?! They really weren't to sure of me being there, but they both seemed to like photo bombing the family and getting their pictures taken too. I didn't even have to pose them, ha! Don't be afraid to include your family pets in your photos, so fun.

I loved every minute working with this family. Now that our kids are graduated and done swimming we don't see each other much. I think we need to make time, I enjoyed so many laughs today!

What beautiful smiles they all have, I loved the giggles and the (happy) tears that were shown during our session. Jenni is one loving mama, seeing her kids together brings her so much joy. Tim & Jenni are very proud parents. I can't let Tim forget our moment of trying to capture romance... lets just say we all laughed so hard we cried. I'll save that photo for the family :) You will laugh just as hard as the first time!

This beautiful wall is in their basement, great idea to snap a few photos in front of it. I always like to bring a few black and white photos into my sessions and I love how this turned out. Sorry, we ended up moving everything around... and around, and did I mention, we moved things around? That's one you probably have to be there for ;) Thanks again for those smiles!

Okay, who doesn't bring there couch outside for a winter photo shoot? Best idea of the day! What fun it brought to the session. The best part is watching Logan look around to see if anyone was actually watching this. I'm pretty sure he's still wondering if we really made them carry it outside. 

And I will save this one for the end. Jenni & Tim you have a beautiful family. Thank you for allowing me into your home to capture some beautiful moments. It was a pleasure meeting Eric for the first time and both of the pups. I'm looking forward to making this an yearly event (Tim's idea of course!) for you all. When I smile through my entire editing session, I know you will too. Thank you again.



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