Tammy Lynne Photography | Just a girl & her blog: 1.26.2018

Just a girl & her blog: 1.26.2018

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The title, right? What's it about, and what does it mean? Simple, just a girl & her blog. As a mom, who turned to photography and then reached out for more, it's simple.

I thought it might be fun to document more of what it's like behind the scenes of a photographer and a lady boss :) Part of it is about never giving up and never stop dreaming. That may seem like an obvious quote, one of those been there done that. It's not, not for any of us. I've been thinking a lot lately about this roll I've taken on as a photographer, as a story teller. I'm hoping to share this journey with all of you, and learn more along the way. I'm going to share with you what it means to be where I'm at, and what I hope to achieve on this path. It would be great to connect with others and find out what works for them and where they are headed. I've joined so many new groups on FB, and I can't begin to explain how inspiring they have been. I've met, and now chatting with many creative and talented photographers and business peeps. This is exactly what I've been waiting for, a direction that I'm suppose to take. I've decided that I'm going to put more time into my HS senior photography. I want to focus on being a roll model for the young guys and ladies I work with. 

We are newly into 2018 and I'm on track. I've got changes coming, plans, ideas and so much more. Of course, some may take off, some may not. I hope to learn from both this year. Basically, I want to be more than just a photographer, as I feel I have a bigger roll, especially with the High School Seniors. I feel I have a responsibility to reach out and teach each one of my kids to be confident in who they are, it's not always easy. Behind the camera I see so much, and when it's all done, I want you to see exactly what I saw. Beauty comes from within, and to shine on the outside you have to be confident. So I'm thinking my sessions should instill that, should make you step outside your normal every day box. I'm thinking make up, fashion, colors, locations, poses. I'm thinking we tell a story with your session, by working together. I'm stuck right now, and I'm working through that with other phototogs... I want to offer something new from TLP, I want to add glamour to your session, I want to build off of who you are. Before I wanted to make sure I captured you personality, I want that and now much more. Together, we will figure it out. Sure I know it will be hit or miss with my changes and additions, but I have a feeling this is going to be a great year. I had 5 Senior Spokemodels for the class of 2018 and we did so many sessions and the girls were awesome. It was my first real year working with a group and showcasing my talent. This year for the class of 2019, I have 12 girls. This is going to be a challenge, but one I'm up for. I've put a team together that I think will fit so well together. It took me a lot of time to read through those applications, but each one that I picked, spoke to me. I can't wait to share their introductions & photos, so you can get to know them with me!

Today, I'm going to introduce you to my life, to my space. It's going to be fun to share with you as the space grows. 

Good morning sunshine! This is where it all starts, my morning, my planning. I've finally got my space, my office where I want it to be. Sure, I'm going to add things and have a few decor pieces I'm looking for. It's a space that tells my clients who I am. It's in my home, not always the idea place... but that's ok. I love it! Who knows where the future will take me.

My space consist of things that I need, things that motivate and inspire me. I used to think more was exactly that... MORE, but now that I've been working in my space for 6 years, more is less. Clean lines, but lines that are welcoming and still warm. In my space, I want to tell a story.

In my space, my walls showcase my work, some quotes, and tell a story about my passion, my business. This year, I'm planning on opening up more to my clients. I will be announcing consultation sessions before my senior sessions. I want to get to know my clients before they step in front of my camera. I want to find out what they expect, and what kind of experience they want to walk away with. I want to talk about fashion, hair, make-up. This is important, more important that I realized as a photographer/ as an artist. These are things we will discuss in future blogs ;) (so excited) I want to talk to mom/dad and also hear what they want and expect, as they are just as important! This can be a big investment, and I want to make sure the experience is worth what I'm putting together.

Just Breathe... something I say often, to myself, my kids, my friends & clients. A dear friend bought this for me during our boys senior year. It's something we said to each other often. It stuck with me and I look at it daily to remind me, it's going to be okay. And, then we have DREAM. Who doesn't love that word? I not only love the word, I love the gold accent. It's about finding what pops for you, and this does in several ways. So win win when I picked this up at #homegoods in Ann Arbor. That place, wowser, gets me in trouble, not going to lie! That's another future blog as well...Shopping!

I want to share some personal things too, but was going to wait for another blog post. However, this is my youngest, my son. When you are in my space, I want you to know me, know what I love. My kids, my life and a big part of what I'm doing today. They support and say you got this mom, as been so awesome. I've got three daughters and 2 grandsons as well. I'll introduce them in the near future <3 The group shot is from my son's senior year. The rumor was they were the next boy-band from the photos. These were the senior boys from the DHS swim team. We decided to do a fun and bit of a glam session (let me tell you these guys knew what they were doing... don't let guys fool you) I'll share more from that session as I think you will find it fun, and it will give you some ideas of what you can do with a group of guys who want photos!

So I like color, you will find that out. I'm not afraid to put colors together, there is no right or wrong way. My bag, is purple or shall I say "Damson" that's what MK calls it anyway. I have a thing for purses, we will get into that at another time as well. Colors and styles of purses can be the perfect accent in a photo! 

Accent pieces come in many different shapes, colors. I've included a couple pieces that welcome you into my space. The handsome prince frog pillow, was hand made & designed from a childhood friend that I reconnected with through social media, thanks #facebook! Robin is an artist, and is so creative. This work is a torn paper piece, what she she does is mind blowing. If you get the chance visit her website at #Artstudio33, www.facebook.com/artstudio33. Remember to give a shout out to those that impact you some way, that's how we all get recognized at one time or another in business.

You will also find the most important things in my office. My camera, lens and my bags. My collection is growing, adding something new a couple times a year. Figuring out what works for me, and what pops in my hands. Of course I thought about style when it was time to purchase a camera bag. I will have to be honest, but I truly purchased about 10 different bags. What I thought was logical for me on shoots was not, what I thought looked good, did not. Was there enough space, too much? Yes, was it boring, too flashy (ummm what, never too flashy). I finally found the perfect bag with #Houseofflynn bags. It was stylish, large enough, many pockets for everything I needed and it came in every color you could think of. Who would have thought I would go with this classy off white bag? Remember earlier I talked about less is more, clean lines? It's all going to add up with my growth and change. I'm getting right where I need and want to be. I wanted a stylish backpack to carry with me when I didn't need a lot or to toss clients extras in. I found this super cute #verabradley bag on clearance. Look at that pattern, love it! I had the insert in another bag I purchased along the way that I wasn't using, getting ready to donate. Bingo, it was a great addition in my backpack, kept my extra equipment safe :) Recycle ... right!?

Editing, messaging, enjoying my morning coffee. Working on different angels to shoot at, taking my own photos. I've started a group chat with my Spokesmodels, it's works well, but looking to add more to it. What do you all use? I was just introduced to Groupme app., anyone use it? Likes, dislikes? Another awesome reason these new fb groups are awesome. I'm gathering so much helpful information.

So here is a sneak peek at what is coming to "TLP", not just nail polish, color and fashion. Another addiction, buying clothes and nail polish, just ask my girls. I can't wait to share more with you and I hope you follow with me as I take the next step in my business journey. Don't be afraid to follow, this was a long intro, but I wanted to make sure I shared enough, I know, what if I shared too much? That's me though, I have so much to share, so many ideas and look forward to growth in 2018. Let me know how I did! ttfn,xoxo


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