Tammy Lynne Photography | Murillo Family-2017

Murillo Family-2017

September 26, 2017  •  1 Comment

Murillo Family

September 26, 2017


 The Murillo Family were actually one of the two families to find the Tammy Lynne Photography painted rock. I was excited to do their mini session. I love giving back to the Community of Dexter and what better way than a fun rock hunt and photos ;) Becky was just as excited, as she said it had been a long time since they had done family photos. 

I love the black and white image above on the river. It just captures how peaceful the surroundings were. I think Becky was expecting nice fall outfits, but in Michigan it's 90 degrees, so shorts it was. They all looked so cute!

What a great brother, I can tell he will be one to take care of his sisters (so watch out future boyfriends!!!) Sibling pictures are the best, of course once in awhile I have to say pretend like you like each other... of course this is just to make them laugh.

I loved that they wanted to get in the water, remember I did say it was 90 degrees at 6pm. I loved the closeness of this group, how cute are they playing in the water. Like I've said before the family that smiles together stays together... or is it the family that plays together ... stays together? Either way, it's a win win.

Thank you Murillo family for allowing me to share my photography with you. 


Becky Murillo
Tammy thank you so much for doing this. We were so excited to find the rock and I'm glad we did because these look great!!!!
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