Tammy Lynne Photography | Megan R- Senior (Take #2)

Megan R- Senior (Take #2)

August 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Megan Rood- Class of 2018


Tonight we finished up what turned out to be a pretty eventful evening. We started at Graffiti Alley, along with 3 other photographers (popular place) Megan had 3 places in mind to visit, and we were able to hit them all and then some. Shelley (Megan's mom) is always so helpful, lugging my camera bag or guarding it with her life (Thank you!). It can get kinda crazy during the shoot, so I never know if I thanked those that help, appreciate it so much. I had a wonderful night and excited to share a sneak peek with you.

Okay, so we figured out Megan has springs on the bottom of her shoes... look at the air she got (wow) Visited the clock tower, the fountain was on her list, another popular spot. I think there was about 50.people.actually.in.the.water. We worked around them and ended up with a few cute ones ;)

Tonight I learned more about Megan and her mom. They are great together, laughing, teasing and making up the famous next career :P (I'll let them tell you about it) It's fun when your capturing photos and your client is willing to hop up any where to get that great capture... you go girl!

Another thing learned, Megan has a big heart and love for dogs. Can you believe how perfect this guy is sitting?!? He was out for a stroll with his person, and of course Megan needed a picture. I actually think the dog has done photo shoots before ;) Wish I would have gotten the owners name, because this photo is absolutely adorable! (hmmm maybe with social media he will see it)

The night was beautiful, weather was perfect. We were able to capture so much, light, shadows and a bit of the golden hour. I love the no smile photos sometime, just because I think they tell a story. Look of concentration, day dreaming and I think a bit of exhaustion. Two nights in a row and she had a full day of workouts and practices.

One of my favorite places, roof top.  Nothing like looking at the city from 11 stories up. Ann Arbor is a remarkable place. I truly believe Megan has shown me every side of her emotions in one photo shoot! Thanks for letting me in, and trusting me into you world.

We couldn't have asked for a better ending to Megan's senior photo session. The colors, the sunset and Ann Arbor lights  We set out to capture beautiful photos, check! I know we also captured her sassy personality, the best part! Always keep smiling Megan and don't ever change who you are. Sing, dance and keep that beautiful light shining. 



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