Tammy Lynne Photography | Holiday Minis- 2017

Holiday Minis- 2017

November 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Holiday Minis- 

November 11, 2017

I have this one under my belt. Hosted my first Holiday Mini session with much reservation. I've been told that these types of session are time consuming and so hit or miss. I can say I agree to both. I expected to fill my time slots with 8 families, I was short by 1 and had 3 cancellations last minute. I started to second guess why I was doing this again... until each one of my clients showed up. One a returning client, one I just met and did some photos for a group she host, and 2 which I met for the first time today. How to sum up the day... WOW, just overwhelmed with happiness and smiles. Not only did I stage the session, but hosted it outdoors at a tree farm (THANK YOU Pam Braun!) #BraunTreeFarm, but it was 35 degrees out. Also a shout out to my wonderful crew who helped me stage my area... my family <3 I love when you have a vision and it all just falls into place.


Oh my goodness, this little one melted my heart with her sweet smiles & giggles. Thanks mama for bringing that kitkat bar, it sure worked well. I look at that smile and think... must have been when I attached the kitkat to my camera, haha! I love watching this family grow and seeing the beautiful changes in little M. Thank you Ally & JD for allowing me to capture more moments. Oh shout out to Grandma M, that little fur coat was ADORABLE!

What a wonderful family! I met Sandy and little Ryan at a Halloween shoot, I can say for sure Ryan was still unsure about Ms. Tammy ;) These boys, well... lets say they aren't a bit shy in front of the camera. How fun were they??? I've got a huge smile on my face going through their session. I love how the boys look out for their little sister, although I found out she isn't fond of them giving her kisses, ha! So many sweet personalities in this group, I hope to capture them more as they grow.

I had the pleasure of working with the Youngs family for the first time today. They settled right in and were ready to get some memories captured. I loved the spunk in them, and Grace had this beautiful shyness to her. It's always fun to watch the older kids when I say lets do a shot where you hold hands and walk towards me... it's almost like I grew a third eye for a moment, haha! It always turns out so nice, and gives me a chance to capture a pure moment on their faces. I sure hope to capture them again in the future.

Another new family... these two kids were so darn cute & just the sweetest. They came prepared with some big smiles. Being the last session of the day, it was a bit chillier... and I mean we were turning blue (ha) I told them to keep laughing it would warm them up. I loved their outfits, those vest were adorable! Thank you Alexis & Logan for keeping a smile on my face and for giving me all those perfect poses. Mama said she was booking her Holiday session for next year now... I sure hope to see them again!

Thank you all for making my first staged Holiday Mini a success. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. I think I see another mini session in the future... stay tuned ;)



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