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Twins <3 Emily & Nicole- Class of 2018

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Emily & Nicole- Class of 2018


I was super excited to get to work with these two girls. I had met Emily earlier through one of my senior reps. She actually participated in our Friendship shoot. When I received the email from their mom requesting senior photo information, and found out that Emily was a twin... I thought YES, finally I get to shoot a set of twins :) We set the day up with two locations, Emily & Nicole decided on Island Park and their family tree farm. Let me tell you the weather and that beautiful sunset made for the perfect day!

Neither of the girls were nervous about climbing over logs or getting their feet wet... even in heels and dresses.

How adorable is little Bell, sweet little puppy (Proud mama Nicole) I think she stole the show, lots of attention wherever we went. These girls may be twins, but two different girls. I loved watching the two different personalities, but yet loved how they seemed to just look out for each other. When I asked for a serious look from the girls, I would get one serious and one ... well lets just say you wouldn't want to make her mad (haha)

Tell me... how gorgeous are these shots? Beautiful senior and such beautiful color and light. See what I mean about the family tree farm being a hit. Those tall grasses and fun spruces to pose by! Win win. Emily glowed in her photos, gorgeous for sure!

Nicole always had the soft smile on her face, those eyes just looked right into your soul. So beautiful, there is a story to be told there <3 Mom kept wanting to see those beautiful teeth with her smiles, it was tough... but we did get a few. That Michigan color, loving it and the soft glow of the sunlight, perfect.

I loved Emily's spunk, she was up for anything and can you say WOW on that smile. It was always there, with her sweet laugh as well (oh that laugh, I can hear it as I'm editing ha)

Nicole just had a way of connecting to the camera. It was like she had something to say and she was letting that soft smile and stunning eyes speak. Her soft giggles from time to time were so sweet. I loved her free spirit. Truly beautiful girl, inside and out.

And of course, the captivating black and white images. There is something so innocent in both of them, Emily caught in a moment and Nicole having a sweet glance at her baby. Oh do I love both of these captures.

Can they be any cuter?!? Seriously though, they both just have such fun personalities that shine through those beautiful smiles. Who doesn't love to play in the leaves? Even at 17, it still made them giggle. Thanks Sheri for being so supportive and hanging out. I know Bell was probably very sleepy last night, she had some adventure! Oh, and the girls were probably picking leaves and prickly things out of their hair :/ Thank you for allowing me to be such a small part of the girls journey.

We couldn't have asked for a better ending to a fun filled day. Thank you to Aunt Pam for allowing us around her place (a photographers dream location) I couldn't have asked for anything different out of either girls, they rocked out their sessions. Just because they are twins, they have different needs and I tried to capture some of that in today's session. We might have shared locations, but I think I was able to give each girl her space and moment. Thank you Emily and Nicole for being such fun clients and sharing your afternoon with me. Wishing you both a successful senior year. I look forward to sharing your galleries soon.


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