Tammy Lynne Photography | Heather B- Class of 2018

Heather B- Class of 2018

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Heather B- Class of 2018



I love when I get to photograph the youngest siblings. I watched this one grow up... and yes, I kept expecting her to hide behind her mom. It's amazing how much these kids change in a few years. I enjoyed hearing about her college visit and thoughts about where she may attend. It was a win win kind of day because I got to spend the afternoon with her mama as well (been too long!)

Heather has the most natural smile. It's hard to keep that for 3 hours straight, but she did it. Not to mention she was then heading to have Homecoming photos taken. I bet tomorrow morning that smile might be a little stiff ;)

I love shooting at this location and finding new areas for backdrops. This just popped, a little bit of shadow, sunlight and brokeh... and I think we have a stunning image... oh and there is that beautiful smile again!

We had fun downtown and it wasn't even too bad with Apple Daze going on. Always gems for back drops, again looking for the new space to make her photos pop!

I think her dad might appreciate these images... well maybe not (ha) I find the older and more run down it is... the better it looks in pictures. Yes, that door and broken glass came to life when this beautiful girl stepped in front of it! Thanks Heather & Margaret for trusting in my location stop ;)

I love this season and the metro parks. The leaves are falling and yes, a pop of color was to be found. Oh and in Pure Michigan, it's Oct. 7 and 83 degrees out.

I'm so lucky when the mom/dad's are willing to help out. When we need a little shade or bit more light, they are great with the reflectors!  Today was extremely windy, we had to watch and make sure Margaret didn't blow away. The famous dressing room made it's appearance, thanks for helping me get it back in it's bag... wasn't too bad was it?!? 

When everything is packed away, when you're saying good-bye and you turn around and she puts on this cute jacket ... yes, we get the camera out and capture a few more images! Thanks for the awesome afternoon, many laughs and all those huge smiles! I'm so excited for girl scout cookie season (don't forget about me!) Have a wonderful senior year, and let your dreams take you where you want to go. Stay tuned for your full gallery!


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