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Gomez Family 2017

October 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Gomez Family


I'm feeling really blessed to call this group my own. My oldest daughter and her beautiful family. Of course when you photograph your own family it goes without saying... that you're going to have a few just listen to me moments. Amanda wanted to have some Fall photos, and it's actually been some time since we did family photos.  The boys are growing up way to fast, and I say capture every moment possible. Those that know us are saying, yup they don't miss a moment (haha) They all looked so nice in their coordinating outfits!

Oh dear, my heart is ready to explode with love. These two have been such a joy to us. Of course my grand kids are the cutest ;)

Our little one thinks he can walk... won't be long and he will be taking those steps alone. The oldest knows how to be around a camera... he was ready to go before I was. Been shooting them from day one.. it's funny when I don't even have to ask him to pose.

And last but not least a little black and white love. There are those certain photos that just scream for a color edit. Those moments that you want to stand still. These are a few of mine from their session. They have such love for each other and I'm so proud to be able to enjoy it with them. Thanks for allowing mama bear to capture some fun photos<3

Oh we can't forget those natural and fun photos... the ones where they say can we make a double chin?!? Wasn't sure what he meant... see this is why we capture... everyone has something going on! Love the double chin look C.




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