Stefanie, Jason & Family- 2017

September 28, 2017  •  1 Comment

Stefanie & Jason

Mason & Kenzlie



I was so excited when Stefanie contacted me again for photos. She said she just had a baby girl and wanted to do some photos of her. I had the pleasure of capturing photos last year of just the 3 of them. What a beautiful addition to their family, baby Kenzlie. We went from having 90 degree weather to having it only be in the high 60's today (of course, right, we had a photo shoot with a new baby) It really wasn't that bad, we kept the baby warm and the sun was shining!

We did this same photo last year with mom and Mason... only Mason was looking up at mom. Not anymore, boy has he grown! Such a caring boy, you can just see how much mom means to him <3

Wide awake a bright eyed baby girl. I'm not sure she was too excited with me, but I sure was excited with her ;) The family cat decided to join the photo session... keeping a close eye on us. They said Kinzlie loves her hands in her mouth, and boy did she ever... that's ok, we captured her in her natural pose.

What would my session be without a few black and white photos. Just changes the whole moment. Mason asked for a photo of him kissing his sister, we captured that and then this happened. Such a sweet moment, who was giving who advise? Then this other moment happened, Jason's whole world right there. It's a minute in time forever frozen, you're blessed.

Baby K was getting sleepy, it didn't take long after mama was rocking back and forth that she fell fast asleep. Loving how the sun was setting behind us. Another beautiful moment, I truly feel so much connection with these two!

Then the princess fell fast asleep, and we were able to capture so many precious moments. Stefanie and Jason have a beautiful barn, which made for a great back drop. Loved how Stefanie had the feel of fall with her decor. When I heard we had a new baby girl, I packed up all my girlie props... and Stefanie just let me play around. I told Jason to watch out, she took to those pearls right away (ha) They are only little for a bit, remember capture those moments before they get away. I think we did just that, some beautiful memories until the next time. What would a photo shoot with a newborn be without a little spit up and a smelly diaper??? I'm not sure, haven't had one of those sessions yet! Everything worked out just fine though. Thank you again Stefanie & Jason for having me back to capture another beautiful evening with your family. Congratulations on the newest member!


Lisa Stacey(non-registered)
Wow Tammy!! I love every photo you captured! To add to the beauriful photo shoot the persoal story with the shoot is PRICELESS!! Thankyou Stef,Jason,Mason,Kinsley and Tammy for sharing!
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