Faith O- Class of 2018 CHS

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Faith O- Class of 2018 CHS


I had a wonderful night with Faith, perfect night for some senior pictures. It felt like fall already, with a nice breeze.  The Olberg's are repeat clients, I captured Faith's older sister Kelsey's photos too! I love working with siblings, and meeting all the awesome family members. Thank you for thinking of me again.

Faith wanted to start off at an old neighbors place. She said it was a field... A field with a lot of hidden gems. Places like this keep my eyes going in all directions. So many cool rustic spots, one after another. Hopefully we don't end up with poison ivy, oak... you name it, we were shooting in it (yikes)

What... you don't just chew on wheat or weeds??? The things we ask our clients to do. Look, it worked though... I got the cutest smile and that sweet giggle! Charlie joined us tonight, so well behaved. When I pulled up Faith said I brought my dog, do you mind taking pictures of her too? Of course NOT, I love when my client incorporate their loves into the session. 

After we left her neighbors place we headed to the farm where she keeps her goats. This was another beautiful location. How could we go wrong, beautiful girl, location and sunlight! Oh... hold on, just wait till you see these sweet goats. Faith was so easy to work with, always had a smile on her face, easy going and pretty relaxed.

I met so many fun things tonight... 4 cute Pygmy goats that Faith shows at the 4-H fair. Found out they love crackers and are pretty curious little things. I just love how these moments turned out, so natural. Not only did I meet 4 goats, I met 3 horses, some chickens and a rabbit, oh wait can't forget about the 2 pigs ;) Fun fun!

Of course, I had to put one in black and white. It was just a moment that spoke to me. A girl and her goat, truly something so innocent and sincere right there. Thanks for introducing me to them Faith!

And in the end we still had some of that beautiful sun as it was going down. A bit of that golden hour graced us with it's beauty. Faith was one of those girls you could just keep shooting because with every shot she became more confidant in herself. That is one thing as a photographer I strive for. I want every one of my clients to know their beauty inside and out. Faith you rocked out this session, can't wait for you to see your finished gallery! Thank you Stacey (mama) for all your help and keeping Charlie entertained! Thank you and enjoy!



great pictures I agree stacey I like the black and white picture too that is so faith :)
Stacey Olberg(non-registered)
These are so perfect Tammy! I love them! Love the black and white photo. Thank you so much again, you do wonderful work!
Tammy.... these are so good. She is beautiful
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