Sydney L- Class of 2018

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Sydney L- DHS Class of 2018


Sydney was such a joy to work with. The location she chose was perfect for the weather we had and one of my favorite places to capture photos in Ann Arbor. Sydney had such a beautiful big smile and eyes that just lit up. She has the prettiest greens eyes, (I thought I did, until I saw hers!) I kept trying to find the right back drop to make those eyes pop... you will see what I'm talking about in a few of the photos.

Sydney was comfortable right from the start, if she wasn't, she hid it well ;) We talked about wearing heels during senior photos when your not comfy in them... yes we took it slow and with small steps (ha) You did great though, I bet in the end you could have ran in them ;)

I learned that Sydney is thinking about Nursing programs in the future, following her sisters path. I can tell you she is such a warm person, that I bet she would be awesome in that profession.

It's always beautiful on Huron River with the shine beaming down. I loved that we also had a nice breeze. I kept waiting for it to naturally blow Sydney's hair all over. I think she probably thought I was crazy once or twice. Jourdan who is Sydney's sister was a big help along with great support today. I love that we were able to preserve this sweet moment. Nothing better than a sister's love.

As a photographer we some times ask for poses or for our clients to just trust us, yes, Sydney was actually hanging on for dear life. I promise no one was harmed in any of these photos ;) Not even the bees that were everywhere. I'm pretty sure the middle photo is another time she might have thought I was crazy ;) Thanks for hanging in there Sydney and trusting my crazy motive.

I always have at least one photo that jumps out at me, this is it. That look, if I could only read their minds. I tell you what, this image in black & white draws you in. It wants you to ask questions. So sincere and just an overall beautiful capture....wowser!

Okay, those.eyes! Look at all the greens playing off of them. If they don't have a story to tell, I really don't know what does. Another soft capture, deep in thought. Coming up to the end of her session and I must say, she rocked it out,!

In the end we found time to cool off in the water. Thank you Tom (Sydney's dad) for helping out with our portable dressing room, yes it made another appearance (oh that thing, I did finally get it put away though) I had so much fun and enjoyed talking to you Sydney and making you smile. The thing I love most about my sessions, is that my clients end up making me smile and laugh just as much. I can't wait for you to see the rest of your senior photos. Enjoy your year, don't blink because it passes so quickly. 




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