Megan R- Senior 2018 (Take #1)

August 09, 2017  •  1 Comment

Megan Rood- Class of 2018

August 9, 2017

I was so excited to finally work with Megan one on one. She is such a fire cracker. She has a way of making you smile inside and out. This is a returning family as I was lucky enough to capture Megan's brother Ian's senior photos as well. Megan is a 2018 Senior Rep for Tammy Lynne Photography and has done an awesome job representing my business, Thank you!

Today was take #1 with her senior session, as you can see Megan plays softball for Skyline. What a better place than the home field to start off your senior session. She came prepared and mom lettered softballs and we went with it. I'm super happy with how everything turned out. We started out in the sunlight and ended with it going down.... great time to capture some beautiful memories.

As I'm editing I can't help but smile... her smile is so contagious... don'!?!

Everyone that knows me, knows I love black and white images. I feel every one of them speak to you from the soul. Megan has a lot of sass to her, that spunky I know what I like personality. However, she has that soft side too... or is that just posing for me??? (ha)

After a couple hours of straight smiling and posing... you get tired and then I get to capture photos like this. Yes, this is her smile exercise, just a few more I promise.

And then during your session these fun poses happen. Yes, she is a cool girl!

When the wild flowers are mixed with weeds you just go with it. I think I heard Grandpa would let her know she was posing in weeds (we all giggled over that one) You can capture a photo anywhere and give it a story... and this one has some stories... from the bees, to the weeds in the mouth and throwing the flowers on 1 2 3.

I love to just shoot, and capture that raw moment when they are a million miles away. 

Tomorrow night we capture Take #2, that means I get to hang out with Megan and her mom some more. This photo says it all, what a fun girl!!! I have been really lucky to get to know Megan and enjoy her laughter & singing. Yes we did rock out to some Taylor Swift tonight! It's been a pleasure having Megan on my senior rep team, great way to start this new program. I know Megan will do big things and go far in life. She has that drive and determination. Beautiful, strong, smart, spunky, sassy and sweet all wrapped in one. Here's wishing you an awesome senior year, and good luck Class of 2018!


Mike Rivenburgh(non-registered)
I know Megan and her family on both a personal and professional level. You have done a fantastic job of capturing the true essence and spirit of Megan in an fun and artful way.

I also very much enjoyed reading each of your narratives. Well written, thoughtful and not over the top.

Each photo was thoughtfully, artfully and tastefully captured. This doesn't just happen by chance. You clearly have great vision and the ability to listen to input from others as I know just how creative Shelley is as well.

Please contact me when you get a few minutes.
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