Maddie W- Class of 2018

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Maddie Wright - 2018


Sunflowers and more...

When I got the email they wanted photos at the sunflower field... I made a couple calls to see if we could make it happen. It's the hot place at the moment, sunflowers as far as the eye can see. I laugh thinking about it now, but it started off a little shaky. I wasn't for sure we would actually be able to get the photos we wanted. Thank you Bruce, for allowing us to capture some stunning images. I want to say "Thank you" as I know it's private property and the foot traffic in the fields have been overwhelming. Thank you Melissa (Maddie's mom) for keeping peace and conversation while we shot some really AWESOME memories!!! The Wright Family are repeat clients as I did senior photos for Brandon, the older brother. 

I could go on and on about the sunflower field as it was breathtaking, but more so full of laughter from my senior. The bee's really liked her, but mom said if you don't bother them, they won't bother you ;) I think maybe Maddie was counting them as she stood high above them, or maybe just being silly! 

Then you capture one like this and you just go, WOW! Maddie is truly a natural in front of the camera. So comfortable and just such natural looks. She can go from smiles to serious without batting an eye. I really enjoy working with her, she always has something fun to bring to the sessions. Maddie was also one of my Senior Reps. I've said it before, but I am so lucky to have these girls on my 2018 team. They were so fun to work with and most of all, I've learned a lot from them... in ways they will probably never know, so Thank you!


When you can capture a raw moment, there is nothing better. Look at the smile, it's like you can almost hear that giggle <3

Next we visited Cottonwood, another thank you and shout out to that wonderful family (Dan, Laura & Bill Waitz) that lets me shoot there from time to time. I miss that place being full of life, but it's still stunning with a short history. As a photographer I've figured out there is beauty in just about anything and everything. Beautiful flowers full of bloom and then natural weeds that we found just as captivating. 

When I'm editing these photos I can see every bit of personality, why I love what I do. A little bit of sass and a whole lot of fun. An athletic girl, with strength. A sweet girl with a bubbly personality. A laugh that makes you laugh too. I love it when I suggest something and they just go with it, no questions asked... of course playing with flowers it what she usually does on Sundays ;)

Reaching deep into the soul, and wondering what does the future hold.

Those eyes, the stories they have to tell. This is part 1 of Maddie's senior session... Fall photos around the corner. I can't wait to see what comes next.


Super fun evening with these two! We dodged a sunflower ticket, yup... 41+ tickets handed out today (yikes) Private property is private property no matter how beautiful it is. We were asked what we were up too on a dirt road, nothing illegal I promise ;) Thought we made it on the news with the helicopter flying over and then the little creatures lurking around the tall grasses. I think that sounds like a perfect day, wouldn't you agree?!? Thank you Melissa & Maddie for dinner, I enjoyed every moment of your company! Here's wishing you, Maddie, a senior year filled with memories you will cherish. I'm excited to see what school and direction you head to next!




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