Hudson & Hayden

August 16, 2017  •  1 Comment

Hudson & Hayden

"Cuteness Overload"


It's been awhile since I've captured photos for this family. I believe the last time was when Hudson was 9 mths. old. Now they have a new addition, Hayden who is 6 mths., a little older than the first time I photographed his brother. Super cute boys, with some sweet expressions. We had a hot day and the two of them were troopers (great job helping with smiles Grandma & Grandpa) 

Now you can see where the cuteness overload comes from. Again, black and white photos, just freeze that moment. One in deep thought about getting that "BEAN" (jelly bean) if he smiles so big. Obviously he smiled in the previous picture ;) And then when you give a baby a hat, a letter "H" and a suitcase, you get this adorable capture... even a little crinkle of the nose <3

The boys were both up for some bubble fun! Cool bubble machine Kelly, I think we caught it!

Such sweet personalities in both of them. I was so excited when Kelly (mama) called to schedule a shoot. Can you blame me for wanting to spend time with them?!?

When the grass is much more exciting than the lady with the camera. Moments like these are so precious, I love everything about this capture. I found that if we worry less about having them look straight at us, we capture and freeze a moment that will last forever. Two boys, brothers, just sharing a moment. Thank you again Kelly, I loved today! Can't wait to share the rest of your gallery soon.



Kelly Napieralski(non-registered)
Thank you so much Tammy for the amazing photos!! Like always it was such a pleasure working with you and you captured some awesome pictures!!!! ❤️
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