Nichole & Family- Hudson Mills 7/17/2017

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What a treat it was to meet and work with this group tonight. Don & Deby were given a gift certificate for Christmas to get some updated family photos. I think we were able to capture the love and connection this family has. We shot at Hudson Mills, always a beautiful setting. It was a warm evening and that sun was beaming bright. 

Nichole and her two daughters Bella & Mia were so fun to work with. I've spoke to Nicole a few times setting up today's session, friends on FB made us feel like long time friends (ha) I was hoping to capture some raw moments between the three and I think we did. Those girls had sweet giggles and adorable smiles. And I noticed they adore their momma <3

Then I found out that Ryan and Molly are newly engaged! Yay, Congratulations to them. They were fun to try to capture, had a hard time staying serious. Love the laughter between them. Of course it was a bit awkward for them when I asked for some lovey dovey poses with the whole family there watching on. Sorry about that guys... but you did rock the pictures we captured!

All and all I think we had a successful night. I love my job for the reason that I'm always getting the opportunity to meet such wonderful people and families. I hope to capture them again in the future, so they don't have to wait as long for the next family photo session. Thank you Don & Deby for sharing your beautiful family with me tonight.




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