Bowker Family- 2017

July 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Bowker Family- Wednesday 7.5.2017 @7 pm

So this beautiful capture happened <3 I can never get enough of beautiful surroundings such as a family farm, a glowing wheat field or rolling land. When Sheri suggested this place because if was in the family, I was like ok, another farm. This was more than that, it was a photographers dream. The captures were endless.

I've worked with the Bowkers for 2 years. Started with Aubrey's newborn photos (who is now 2) and met Mackenzie when she was 2. Today they are 4 & 2 and cute as ever. They each have their own personality. Mackenzie warmed up to me in no time, Aubrey wasn't so sure. We just had fun and captured every moment possible. I loved seeing the little bit of sass mom was taking about from Aubrey. Both girls had so many adorable facial expressions, melted me when it was edit time. Of course with all the good, come challenges... snacks (goldfish) dresses up over the heads, silly faces, rolling, surprises, flowers, glitter & unicorns. 

Over all I think the evening was perfect with many beautiful memories. I adore this family and look forward to watching the girls grow up! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life journey.


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