2018 Senior Reps & Friends 6.29.2017

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The day started off with sunshine, calling for storms though. I kept watching and praying that we would get through this shoot. It's difficult trying to get all 5 reps together let alone 5 of their friends. Of course because rain was in the air, it was hot and humid. We started out later in the evening hoping to catch some of the beautiful sun glow. We experienced a little of everything from clouds, full sunshine, rain and yes... a beautiful rainbow.


These girls were so awesome to work with. It's the largest group of seniors I've shot at one time and it challenged me in a really positive way. I had to remind myself to focus on all eyes and not just on two, I had to watch that I had them all in frame with poses that worked for all. Girls of course have ideas on their own what works for them, what side they like better and a favorite pose. I love that, I find capturing the raw moment is the way to get that most intimate, what matters image. We had a beautiful setting, water, boats and beautiful fun girls! Thanks Portage Yacht Club!


Each girl brought something so lovely and fun to the shoot. Madeline (Dexter) always has a way to look at the camera and make it notice her, She never fails to surprise me with looks & gorgeous eye camera connection. Eva (Grosse Point Woods) stunning brown eyes, super long eyelashes and soft smile. Shea (South Lyon) my shy girl, soft spoken, gorgeous eyes and smile, Brylee (South Lyon) Comfortable in front of the camera, tall, stunning eyes and or those long legs (jealous). Maddie (Dexter) a firecracker, always ready for action and the way she connects with her eyes is amazing, impressive and beautiful. Erika (Dexter) first time meeting her, but how fun and gorgeous, able to go from smiling to serious without missing a beat (love it). Caroline (Dexter) so much personality, a bit shy in her own way but so bubbly, those eyes of hers make photographing her mesmerizing. Cameron (Dexter) another one that knows how to be in front of a camera, beautiful personality, tall and just had just beautiful expressions. Megan (Ann Arbor) this one is a little sassy with so much personality, love it and her, those big brown eyes and freckles leave me wanting to shoot more! Emily (Ann Arbor) had the killer hair, those curls so so beautiful, loved her soft smile and the glow she had. All these girls had something so special that left me thinking what more could we do. 


What a truly fun day, photos, sunshine, rainbows, laughter and dinner. I'm blessed to be able to do what I love and meet so many beautiful souls. I hope to cross paths again with these girls, I truly loved being around them for the short time we were together. The future belongs to them, smart, intelligent, strong, kind and gorgeous inside and out.

 Good Luck Class of 2018!





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