2018 Senior Reps- Final Shoot 7.11.2017

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2018 Senior Reps Tuesday July 11, 2017

I've taken a lot of photos and spent a lot of time with these girls. I have enjoyed every moment. We had some challenging weather, scheduling conflicts, and location changes. When I edit these session, my heart is bubbling with laughter and aww moments. I've documented behind the scene shots as well, because those blubbers are memories I will cherish as a photographer. I bet the girls will even look back on them and laugh!

For our last session I wanted it to be different, out of the box for me. I contacted a friend and asked what the chances would be to shoot at the #AAFD (Ann Arbor Fire Department). Battalion Chief Derek Wiseley,  was on board with a fun shoot! Not only did they open up the Fire house to us, but they were so kind to join us in a few photos. The girls were so excited to be able to use their helmets for some fun photos. I liked that they actually asked details about the helmets, are they specially made to fit each fire person's head, why are they so heavy? If the day wasn't so hot & humid they would have probably been in full fire (equipment) uniform. We enjoyed our time there and can't Thank them enough for everything they do! Of course we left the fire house with some donuts, cookies and pretzels...Thank you #DexterBakery.


I've spoke about my reps in other blogs and have introduced them time and time again. I'm very proud of this group of girls, both on a photo shoot and in their real life. They are beautiful girls with strong minds. I loved the different personalities but the ability to work together. The respect they show me and each other is incredible. Madeline-Dexter has a kind soul, can be out going but shy at the same time. She has the cutest smile & giggle. I can capture so many emotions with her.  Maddie-Dexter wow's me at every session. She has something fun to bring every time. It can be her flexibility to pose in different locations, her contagious smile or those stunning big eyes. I can't wait to see what we do for her senior session. Caroline- Another sweetie with a big personality. She is outgoing too, but yet she has such a softness to her personality. I love they way she smiles with her eyes, always fun to capture. She is one that is always up for whatever I throw out there. Shea-South Lyon, Oh this girl, she melts me every shoot. So quite but just so willing to do what is asked. She has a smile that has a story, a creative heart and seems to always be thinking. I LOVE how she has stepped out of her comfort zone as well and opened up to all of us. Did I mention beautiful eyes?! Megan-Skyline, last but not least. This girl is a firecracker! Always bubbly, throwing out all kinds of expressions. She can show a soft side but in a minute has that wild side flaring. Big beautiful brown eyes and the cutest freckles. I enjoy her humor and singing, we seen/heard a lot of that ;)

This is our last session and I can't explain how much it meant to me. I've grown with these girls as a photographer and everything we did will leave a lasting impression. I put my heart and soul into our time together. We ended the night with dinner at #Pizzahouse, we were all starving. More laughter and good times. I'm incredibly pleased with my 2018 senior reps, and couldn't be more proud of working with them. Thank you for following and presenting "TLP" so well. Best of luck as your journey as seniors has begun.

That's a wrap!!!


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