The End...

March 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hi! It's been awhile since my last blog... again struggling with getting it going. Maybe some feed back on what you want to know or hear. Today, I'm organizing folders and getting ready for my daughter to graduate college in May. It doesn't seem possible, where could those 4 years have gone, let alone the 21 years. 

It had me thinking about a part of what lead me to following my dream/passion of photography. Many years I've spent capturing my family, many years I've spent capturing my children in action. That's right sports photography. I spent many hot days in gyms, pools and on cross country fields, capturing those once in a lifetime moment memories. I loved those action shots, not always the best, but some really touched me. When you capture that one smile, clap, tear or laughter you know you have at least that moment. My kids have been involved in the swimming world since they were 5. They swam on a swim team year round. My daughter who is graduating in May swam for a Division III team for 4 years. I loved capturing these meets, following the growth at this level. Watching new friendships be made, friendships that would eventually last a life time. 

I look at life in many different ways, mostly now I look at life through my camera. I take a moment and hopefully my photo can put a story to that time. When Im in the stands watching a meet, I look around and capture so much more. Like that swimmers putting on her cap, or the guy fixing his headphone or the one looking for that perfect pump me up song on their iphone. There is just so much more to it, more than water or races. It's about that day, that time, that moment. I love to watch the interaction of teammates or those that are just meeting for the first time. Seeing a Coach reach out to his/her athlete when things didn't go the way they hoped. There is so many emotions wrapped up in the day, in that one moment of capture. It can be from your phone, from your point and shoot or from a professional. We all see something different and tell a different story every time. Those memories are priceless in my eyes. I've been going through years and years of swim photos, putting a slide show together for my daughter. I can't even explain the emotions that have been going through me. Mostly, I'm so glad I at that moment and glad I took a chance to capture what didn't seem so important at the moment. It's a building ground for reflecting on the past. My son is also swimming and attending the same college, so capturing them together at this time... another priceless moment.


Don't be afraid to just shoot, you can delete later. Don't be afraid to just get close and personal. One day looking back, you might be the one to shed a tear. Freezing a moment in time is what us photographers do, but for us to actually do our job... we need to see the big picture, the story. I will continue to follow my kids, but will also follow those teammates and friends. I will give them something to cherish, something to hold onto, something to one day share with their children.

My daughter has made me proud on so many levels and I thank her for allowing me on this journey. She has allowed me to capture moments she would rather forget, but can now laugh at. Sure, we know they wish sometimes we would just put that camera down. Don't do it, not now, enjoy the moment and hold onto it for years to come.

What do you like to capture with your family? Do you have an athlete as well, and understand the emotions?

Enjoy a few photos as we ended our last Championship meet.



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