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March 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hi, today I've decided to take you on a journey. I'm going to be renovating my home office and thought it might be fun to document it and have you follow along. This space will also let you see a little more of who I am. I'm a girl that cleans everyday, first thing when I get up, I make my bed. Then I usually just work my way down the hall to the other rooms. I don't have much to really pick up as we are newly empty nesters, so my house stays pretty much organized and clutter free. I just like to straighten my pillows on the couch, sweep, dust, windex, you name it. I love the fresh smell of a clean and neat house. I will also light a candle give it that smell of whatever scent I have out. Right now, it's "Lush berries" Yankee candles. Love the scent, bringing me into spring, but still has a warm smell to it. So in my house every thing has a place, and I try to make sure it's always there. I think it's the OCD in me, because at times I don't even realize I do it. Hang on, here we go...  I'm hoping you will enjoy this time with me.

So, of course my morning cleaning is done. I'm ready to tackle working in my office. I've already cleaned my office space, purged, organized and stripped everything off the walls. What is left in my office now, it's what will stay. I may decided to move something, only to make room for something I feel will fit better. Right now I'm in this phase where less is more, just like the clean lines and simpleness of basic. However, on the same note, I love details and things that have meaning or a story. So that sometimes means cluttered decor or a lot of it, but yet I feel since it has it's space and meaning, it's not really too much? Are you confused yet? To describe my decor style (I would probably say) which I do, it's a match of rustic, shabby chic mixed with a vintage flair. Hmm, can't forget I like to throw in a touch of modern or what's in now items too. So basically there really isn't anything I don't like as long as it has a place. I guess that really isn't true, I don't really like pastel colors, fake flowers (different from dried flowers) pattern furniture or white walls. Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let's move on.

Here are a few photos of how my office looked last week. This will let you visualize my space and even let you have a peak of my style (or at least I think it's style). Then you can follow along with me as I describe what changes and ideas I have for this space and where I'm going with everything. When I started my journey with a photography business I wasn't really sure of a brand. I've spent lots of money trying to figure it out, with lots of changes along the way. Now I feel, 4 years later, Ive got it. I know my style, I know my colors and I think my brand will represent me.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Now you can see how I like to mix things together. I love old and vintage as I feel there is a story behind every piece. Part of my love for photography, as every image as a story waiting to be told. Right now though, have that feeling of less is more, I want to make this space more simple and inviting. I'm not really sure if that's what I'm thinking or not right now, but it sounds good. The details of my vision is this... I want to paint my walls a gray color, not too dark, but dark enough to see the color and have it pop with the white trim and crown molding. You can see my floors are a light color. I hate them, always have. The rest of the house has had the floors re-sanded and stained to a dark color (love). This is the next room to get them done, so excited as I know it will give it a huge change right there. So gray walls, white trim and dark floors. In the picture I don't know if you can tell but my desk is painted/stain a teal blue almost. It fit at the moment, still love it, but ready for a change. I think it being Spring, that sometimes happens to me. I have a desk of my daughters that I think is just a perfect fit for my new design and has the space I'm looking for. It's white and simple. I'm thinking a color pallet of white, gray and black, sounds boring... right?!? Give me a minute or a few days to show you how those colors will be warm inviting and fun! I will add a pop of color in for an accent, but will also had some fun pieces with gold (am loving that what's in color at the moment) Although, I feel gold is timeless and can be girly and who doesn't love a little glitter in their day. The red shelf that you see in the above picture was a piece I bought used. It was ugly orange wood. I gave it a makeover and a second chance at life ;) It fit then, or in my eyes it did, but now it won't. I love the piece, so again I'm going to change it up. I decided not to use the upper part with the shelves but basically just the bottom half. I think I will paint it either a white or black, haven't got that far with my vision. Everything in my space I have painted, stained or revamped in one way or another. 

My space is just waiting for a new beginning. I will hopefully get the floors and painting done this weekend. The space isn't huge so it won't take long. Then I can start my journey of bringing it back to life. Adding touches that mean something, but makes me feel good too. I'm in  A LOT, I know any of you photographers understand. Many hours sitting at your desk editing, so I need this space to calming and clean. I need to be I guess more simple. The details will describe the story, but doesn't need to overwhelm it. I have other spaces for that, haha. Below are some pictures of what's left in here and how I've been working for the past few days.

I would love to share in some stories of your spaces, what inspires you and how you found your brand. I now know, it doesn't happen over night, but it does come full circle. Follow along and I hope you enjoy the next few steps in my process and the unveiling of my new start, new space!

It's the little details, just a few things that will stay around. I'm sure they will have a new spot, but some how will fit into this new space.



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