The Challenge

February 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a few days since my last blog. I find it hard to get going, I think I've shared that. Trying to figure what to blog about and keep it going is tough. I try to keep it all business, so I don't cross the line of getting to personal. However... That always, however, I think it's who I am personally that makes me the business person I am. It's me that loves to be creative and capture, so I think I'm going to combine my blog. You will get to know both of my personalities. 

Last year I tried to do #thebethadillychallenge 365, where I had to take a specific photo daily. I did well for several months, then life caught me. My dad was hospitalized with heart issues. He ended up needing a triple bypass. Surgery went well, but the care and healing was to begin. We moved him into our home and helped prepare him to be on his own again. I had this crazy idea of renovating his house. First I should tell you, my father is a true hoarder. It is an illness and I did not know how serious it was until we took on the renovation project. This task consumed me and needless to say I took daily pictures but didn't have energy at the end of the day to post them. I got behind a couple then weeks and months. I decided to quit, which bothered me. I ended up making myself still take photos required just for me. It's actually a great thing to do, keeps things fresh and makes you grow as a photographer. Plus I love seeing the images others took. If there is a need to further the whole caring for or parent or renovating, I know I can surely blog about that!

Here I go again, this time it's #thebethadillychallenge52, one photo a week. I'm not going to lie, week 5 and yes I've fallen behind. Life is just busy and then there is the winter blues. Yes, another thing I could blog about. Let me know if you experience that and we can chat. I find it easy to talk about true life happenings. My therapy, I journal a lot. So, I'm caught up with my challenge and wanted to share my last two photos. The first one is my grandson and a neighbor friend. He rides the bus to my house twice a week. With fresh snow and friend he was excited to play outside. Perfect time for me to capture my photo (depth) I found it to be close enough to my subject but far enough to capture what was around them. My vision of depth. Next, my daughters dog who is living with us enjoys laying on the couch in front of the large window. It was just perfect the light the blur the position. She was waiting for her doggy friend to come by for a play date. Yes that happens, ha! This challenge was (exposure) and I think that solid light was captured. Enjoy the images. 

Do you mix business and personal blogging? Or does this create contrast at what you should be doing? 


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