Just Because...

February 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Today was one of those days where I didn't have a whole lot to do on the business front. I attempted to clean up my office, and get ready to prep for taxes. Needless to say it was just one of those days.

I decided to take a photo for my challenge, then I was able to capture my grandsons. I love to see how the 5 year old interacts with the baby. So gentle and calm all the time. Im sure as the little one grows up, there will be days when it's not so gentle, ha. The baby will be 3 months soon and growing like a weed. I love to capture raw moments of them both. The 5 year old loves lego's, and what a great thing to take photos of. Lego's come in all shapes, sizes and colors, my grandson can be so creative. Makes me think of my son, who is now 19... when he would just sit and build things for hours. I like how I just get the right angle to capture just a tiny bit of the story.

I also got a surprise from my husband on Saturday. We own a Landscaping business as well and we do snow removal in the winter months. My husband tends to want to be out through it all and sometimes that ends up being many long hours. Needless to say someone can get a little grumpy without food or sleep (can't we all, right?!) After 25+ years I've grown used to it, just let him sleep and he will be a happy camper again ;) I think as he gets older, he gets more sensitive. What I just brush under the rug, this time he took to heart. He brought home beautiful flowers, just because said the card, Just because I'm an ....., just know I always love you. I was surprised as I surely didn't expect that, I mean I was probably being loud around the house when the man was trying to catch some zzzz's before he headed back out to check up on the crew. Funny how things work, he is the one that was overworked and exhausted, but also the one to say sorry if I was loud or short with you. Again, I'm used to it and probably don't even realize it... oh wait yes I do and Im sure I let him know it (after all that's what we women do?!?) So to make that personal story short... I captured the most beautiful image for my challenge of those gorgeous flowers.

I think we all need to stop now and then from whatever we are doing, take a break and do something for a quick moment to put a smile on our faces. For me, it's picking up my camera and capturing something that means so much to me. Honestly that is just about whatever I'm looking at through the lens. Remember freezing a moment in time is something you get to do once, for that moment.


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