Senior Spokesmodels 2018

January 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The program is on its way. I was nervous introducing this new addition, as I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted or expected. After reaching out to high school seniors and moms, I knew exactly where I was headed. 

I want to showcase my talent along with the beauty of my clients. I want to build self esteem and let everyone know they are beautiful inside and out. Senior year is a stressful time as it is. Do we need need more kids worried about how their photos will turn out, who's are better, who makes it as a rep, the cost, the clothes, ect. I wanted a program, that would work for me as a business but also for all the seniors I get the opportunity to work with. A challenge for me to be creative and work a little closer. An opportunity for maybe some to do a little extra in front of a camera that maybe wouldn't otherwise. A chance to be glamorous or casual. A chance to step outside of your comfort zone. Not only my clients, but me too. I'm looking for these guys and girls to believe in my talent and creativity. I'm asking them to represent me and my product. I want to gain the popularity that others have built after several years. My goal is to make these kids love what we do, walk away feeling beautiful and strong. If I can accomplish this will a few, I've won. If these few can showcase this accomplishment, word will travel.  

Im still looking for a couple more 2018 seniors, contact me now... Join our team and let's conquer this fun time together!  

Announcing my first two reps... Drum roll please😜



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