New Year, fresh start

January 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Happy New Year! 

I'm so excited to start 2017. It' a chance to connect more with my clients, past/present/future. I love that blogging gives me the option to update my friends and family on how my photography business is growing. 

I tried blogging before, but found myself struggling on what to write. I wasn't sure if I had enough to blog about to make it solely on my photography business. Then I wondered if I made it personal, would I turn off potential clients, because they learned more about the lady taking their photo than the cared too. See, many struggles. This year I decided that I was going to combine a bit of both. My reason for that is, I take my photography very personal. When I have a camera in hand I see so many things I feel I might have overlooked before. That can be a building I've past daily, or the way the sun reflects off my hardwood floors, and even the way my clients can touch my heart. 

August 15, 2014, I chose a business name, Tammy Lynne Photography. I picked out several names, but just loved using my name. After all it's me who is capturing those beautiful moments for you. I decided that I needed to research everything possible to be successful. My husband have been self employed with our Landscape business for 25+ years, so the business part I got. I rented equipment to figure out what worked for me and would grow with me. I purchased a new lens and body for back up and to expand with. I made a home office, updated my comport system and signed up for many online program to help me learn as I go. I was told you can hold a degree, but being self taught teaches you more about your ability and growth.  I wanted to go both ways. I'm happy to announce today that I've tripled my clientele size, I have returning clients yearly!

What makes you a professional in my book. Training, trial and error, knowing your equipment, and everything that goes along with the power of taking a photo. Just because you own a camera doesn't make you professional. I believe it's the way you connect with your client, how you see everything around them and mostly asking a bit about them. I learn something new daily, even when I wasn't expecting to. 

What at do you want to specialize in? That question came up a lot in this journey. That's difficult for me honestly because I just love to capture without limiting myself. I started out strong with the  high school seniors, and that was fine. Then that season ended and I found myself missing it. I decided to reach out to the public, organizations, ect. to build my portfolio and help me with direction.  I worked with infants, children and families. I still loved it all. I decided for now I wouldn't limit myself but opening my creativity and desire to expand. Today, I've worked in the following areas, maternity, birthing, lifestyle, newborns, engagements, weddings, families , seniors and more. I even got to work with a few dogs and horses. There is no worries, because every session I do or have done, I strive to do my very best. 

Connecting with the client. Most important. I tell potential clients, there are many photographers out there, with different style and personalities. You have to connect with them to be comfortable in front of the camera. Your clients want to trust you. I know that and work towards that with every session. My goal each time is go in as maybe a stranger and and leave as friends. I love feeling a connection when I'm editing. Sometimes I laugh, tear up and just grin. What I try to accomplish is capturing the soul, the personalities and showcasing that in my final product. 

Well, I've talked about a lot in my first blog of the year. I set out to tell you a bit about me and my journey to photography. What I want to do as a blogger, is not just share my business, but my journey and my daily/weekly life. I do have a camera in hand ALOT, but there is more to me. I'm hoping to just share my creativity, my lifestyle, my joys, my session and sometimes my journey as a mom, wife, and friend. I hope you found some interest in this and will return. I would love to hear of your journeys, suggestions, what motivates  you. I would really enjoy new friends  and potential clients that want to just connect and build a bond. Let's grow together, because I live thinking about capturing your senior photos, to that engagement. Following you on your wedding day to that emotional maternity session. Of course to share moments with your newborn and family. This is who I am, I'm someone that wants to freeze moments in time that will be forever important. Gaining your trust and respect is  success to me. 

Thank you for checking in. I hope you will check back for updates on my journey, new goals, new sessions when I will share some images. I'm excited to add a new Senior Spokesmodel program to my line up. I would love for you to follow me with that and to continue to help me grow. 


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