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Well, here we go...another day, another blog! I'm sure it will take me awhile before I get the hang of it. Trying to figure out what you want to see and hear is the biggest thing. Oh yeah, those keywords. Wasn't even sure what keywords were actually. Is that like a hashtag? Pretty much yes, now to know what ones will draw in the crowd you want. I will catch on, I'm sure ;)

So I decided to take a leap and start renovating an area in my basement for a home studio. I've done several sessions at my home, basically I would set up a make shift studio with the back drops and props right in my living room. Huge front window with some really beautiful natural light. That started to become a pain, packing and unpacking, setting up and taking down. My husband suggested now that our kids are all out of the house, why not take part of the basement and make it my area. I liked that idea, but was worried about the light. I have some natural light down there, but have learned more about using other lights to achieve what I need. I have only worked with newborns, and younger children so far down there. It's set up for that group with my staging of back drop and props. It's coming together, slowly but surely. I will be excited to show you pictures when it's completed just the way I want it,

I told you I added a Senior Spokesmodel program to my senior season. I'm so excited to launch this and bring in girls/guys to help get my name and work out there. I decided that with this I wanted to do an up close and personal shoot with the reps chosen. I thought perfect time to see what I could do with the older kids in my studio. I wanted to do something a bit different too, thought a black and white session. To me, color is beautiful, but black and white captures the soul. 

I really enjoyed working with my first rep of the 2018 season, Madeline. She is such a beautiful girl and so fun to work with. I've called her several times in the past just to go out and do random shoots (especially when I have a new idea or piece of equipment I want to try out) I asked Madeline for a few simple outfits, and she came fully prepared. Such a fashionista, that girl! My goal was to capture up close and personal, upper body and just to have fun with it. I was working with different light and limited backdrops geared towards the teens (size wise, I need to gather more back drops) After we were done with the session, we talked about it. I enjoyed some of her feedback, it's so helpful knowing what they liked and didn't like. We viewed the photos together and picked out images to put on her rep cards. This is an exciting time for me, I love offering new things and I really think Im going to love the connection I make having these senior spokesmodels! Here are a few images in the black and white, but I'll attach a couple in color too.

Would love to know what you think, and what you would want to do for an indoor session.


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