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Today I got to meet one of our girls... Abby M. What a sweetheart, a bit soft spoken, but engaged so nicely with conversation our whole visit (love that!) I'm loving this black and white image. Shows that soft side of Abby, and oh those adorable freckles! Wait to you see them in color. I'm really looking forward to working with Abby, getting her comfortable in front of the camera and stepping out of her comfort zone with some fun fashion (shhh, she doesn't know that yet)

Did I mention that it was REALLY snowing hard, and the wind was blowing something awful. We tried a few fun things with the snow, like putting it in her hand so she could blow it... of course the wind put it right back in her face (yikes) We just laughed and she continued to try it over and over until we got a fun shot! Great job!

Check back as we introduce more of our team... this weekend we have a planned session with hopefully all 12 spokesmodels. I'm nervous but so excited to get creative with these girls and challenge myself with some out of the box moments.

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Team TLP 19, part one http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2018/2/team-tlp-19-part-one

Our first meeting and shoot 1.26.2018. Today we set out just to capture some studio headshots for intros and since it was snowing a little fun in the snow too! I'm super happy with this team, what a really great group of girls. Friends, same school, but my hope is that they become even closer by the end. Aren't they just the cutest. We have 4 (12 total... wow) more spokesmodels to add to the group, so excited to introduce them all!!!

I'm looking forward to the challenges of having a larger group, being creative with so many. We have a lot of fun things planned for #teamtlp19 from a destination shoot (tbd) fashion shoot, full make up/hair & a surprise tutu shoot<3 Look at all those personalities right there... wow!

Braved the cold! A few red noses and oh yeah, those red hands (ha) Great coordination with coats without even trying. Imagine what we will do when we do a style shoot.... can't wait!

Who doesn't like to be silly from time to time? I'm looking forward to capturing some raw in the moment silliness from these pretties!

I haven't been able to get the whole group in at one time yet... but Madi came out and braved a big snow storm with me. Thanks sweetie, it was freezing but so fun! That look, when she connects with the camera... love.

Follow us on our journey as spokesmodels for Team TLP 19. We are here to build each other up, to show how being confident is beautiful and so much more. Each session, we will learn things about ourselves we didn't even know. I'm hoping to get the girls to share that part ;)

Get ready for some big smiles...



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Just a girl & her blog: 1.26.2018 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2018/1/just-a-girl-her-blog-1-26-2018 The title, right? What's it about, and what does it mean? Simple, just a girl & her blog. As a mom, who turned to photography and then reached out for more, it's simple.

I thought it might be fun to document more of what it's like behind the scenes of a photographer and a lady boss :) Part of it is about never giving up and never stop dreaming. That may seem like an obvious quote, one of those been there done that. It's not, not for any of us. I've been thinking a lot lately about this roll I've taken on as a photographer, as a story teller. I'm hoping to share this journey with all of you, and learn more along the way. I'm going to share with you what it means to be where I'm at, and what I hope to achieve on this path. It would be great to connect with others and find out what works for them and where they are headed. I've joined so many new groups on FB, and I can't begin to explain how inspiring they have been. I've met, and now chatting with many creative and talented photographers and business peeps. This is exactly what I've been waiting for, a direction that I'm suppose to take. I've decided that I'm going to put more time into my HS senior photography. I want to focus on being a roll model for the young guys and ladies I work with. 

We are newly into 2018 and I'm on track. I've got changes coming, plans, ideas and so much more. Of course, some may take off, some may not. I hope to learn from both this year. Basically, I want to be more than just a photographer, as I feel I have a bigger roll, especially with the High School Seniors. I feel I have a responsibility to reach out and teach each one of my kids to be confident in who they are, it's not always easy. Behind the camera I see so much, and when it's all done, I want you to see exactly what I saw. Beauty comes from within, and to shine on the outside you have to be confident. So I'm thinking my sessions should instill that, should make you step outside your normal every day box. I'm thinking make up, fashion, colors, locations, poses. I'm thinking we tell a story with your session, by working together. I'm stuck right now, and I'm working through that with other phototogs... I want to offer something new from TLP, I want to add glamour to your session, I want to build off of who you are. Before I wanted to make sure I captured you personality, I want that and now much more. Together, we will figure it out. Sure I know it will be hit or miss with my changes and additions, but I have a feeling this is going to be a great year. I had 5 Senior Spokemodels for the class of 2018 and we did so many sessions and the girls were awesome. It was my first real year working with a group and showcasing my talent. This year for the class of 2019, I have 12 girls. This is going to be a challenge, but one I'm up for. I've put a team together that I think will fit so well together. It took me a lot of time to read through those applications, but each one that I picked, spoke to me. I can't wait to share their introductions & photos, so you can get to know them with me!

Today, I'm going to introduce you to my life, to my space. It's going to be fun to share with you as the space grows. 

Good morning sunshine! This is where it all starts, my morning, my planning. I've finally got my space, my office where I want it to be. Sure, I'm going to add things and have a few decor pieces I'm looking for. It's a space that tells my clients who I am. It's in my home, not always the idea place... but that's ok. I love it! Who knows where the future will take me.

My space consist of things that I need, things that motivate and inspire me. I used to think more was exactly that... MORE, but now that I've been working in my space for 6 years, more is less. Clean lines, but lines that are welcoming and still warm. In my space, I want to tell a story.

In my space, my walls showcase my work, some quotes, and tell a story about my passion, my business. This year, I'm planning on opening up more to my clients. I will be announcing consultation sessions before my senior sessions. I want to get to know my clients before they step in front of my camera. I want to find out what they expect, and what kind of experience they want to walk away with. I want to talk about fashion, hair, make-up. This is important, more important that I realized as a photographer/ as an artist. These are things we will discuss in future blogs ;) (so excited) I want to talk to mom/dad and also hear what they want and expect, as they are just as important! This can be a big investment, and I want to make sure the experience is worth what I'm putting together.

Just Breathe... something I say often, to myself, my kids, my friends & clients. A dear friend bought this for me during our boys senior year. It's something we said to each other often. It stuck with me and I look at it daily to remind me, it's going to be okay. And, then we have DREAM. Who doesn't love that word? I not only love the word, I love the gold accent. It's about finding what pops for you, and this does in several ways. So win win when I picked this up at #homegoods in Ann Arbor. That place, wowser, gets me in trouble, not going to lie! That's another future blog as well...Shopping!

I want to share some personal things too, but was going to wait for another blog post. However, this is my youngest, my son. When you are in my space, I want you to know me, know what I love. My kids, my life and a big part of what I'm doing today. They support and say you got this mom, as been so awesome. I've got three daughters and 2 grandsons as well. I'll introduce them in the near future <3 The group shot is from my son's senior year. The rumor was they were the next boy-band from the photos. These were the senior boys from the DHS swim team. We decided to do a fun and bit of a glam session (let me tell you these guys knew what they were doing... don't let guys fool you) I'll share more from that session as I think you will find it fun, and it will give you some ideas of what you can do with a group of guys who want photos!

So I like color, you will find that out. I'm not afraid to put colors together, there is no right or wrong way. My bag, is purple or shall I say "Damson" that's what MK calls it anyway. I have a thing for purses, we will get into that at another time as well. Colors and styles of purses can be the perfect accent in a photo! 

Accent pieces come in many different shapes, colors. I've included a couple pieces that welcome you into my space. The handsome prince frog pillow, was hand made & designed from a childhood friend that I reconnected with through social media, thanks #facebook! Robin is an artist, and is so creative. This work is a torn paper piece, what she she does is mind blowing. If you get the chance visit her website at #Artstudio33, www.facebook.com/artstudio33. Remember to give a shout out to those that impact you some way, that's how we all get recognized at one time or another in business.

You will also find the most important things in my office. My camera, lens and my bags. My collection is growing, adding something new a couple times a year. Figuring out what works for me, and what pops in my hands. Of course I thought about style when it was time to purchase a camera bag. I will have to be honest, but I truly purchased about 10 different bags. What I thought was logical for me on shoots was not, what I thought looked good, did not. Was there enough space, too much? Yes, was it boring, too flashy (ummm what, never too flashy). I finally found the perfect bag with #Houseofflynn bags. It was stylish, large enough, many pockets for everything I needed and it came in every color you could think of. Who would have thought I would go with this classy off white bag? Remember earlier I talked about less is more, clean lines? It's all going to add up with my growth and change. I'm getting right where I need and want to be. I wanted a stylish backpack to carry with me when I didn't need a lot or to toss clients extras in. I found this super cute #verabradley bag on clearance. Look at that pattern, love it! I had the insert in another bag I purchased along the way that I wasn't using, getting ready to donate. Bingo, it was a great addition in my backpack, kept my extra equipment safe :) Recycle ... right!?

Editing, messaging, enjoying my morning coffee. Working on different angels to shoot at, taking my own photos. I've started a group chat with my Spokesmodels, it's works well, but looking to add more to it. What do you all use? I was just introduced to Groupme app., anyone use it? Likes, dislikes? Another awesome reason these new fb groups are awesome. I'm gathering so much helpful information.

So here is a sneak peek at what is coming to "TLP", not just nail polish, color and fashion. Another addiction, buying clothes and nail polish, just ask my girls. I can't wait to share more with you and I hope you follow with me as I take the next step in my business journey. Don't be afraid to follow, this was a long intro, but I wanted to make sure I shared enough, I know, what if I shared too much? That's me though, I have so much to share, so many ideas and look forward to growth in 2018. Let me know how I did! ttfn,xoxo

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Tingley Family- 2018 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2018/1/tingley-family--2018

Tingley Family


This was a great way to start out my 2018 season. Thank you Brianna for contacting me about a gift certificate for your mom. There really isn't a better gift than capturing a moment that you can treasure for a lifetime. We weren't sure what we were in for as far as weather, it's Michigan after all. We had a super great day though, we were able to do outside photos as well as inside. I know Jenni was so excited, and how cute are they in their coats and fun hats!?!

How sweet are these furbabies?!?! They really weren't to sure of me being there, but they both seemed to like photo bombing the family and getting their pictures taken too. I didn't even have to pose them, ha! Don't be afraid to include your family pets in your photos, so fun.

I loved every minute working with this family. Now that our kids are graduated and done swimming we don't see each other much. I think we need to make time, I enjoyed so many laughs today!

What beautiful smiles they all have, I loved the giggles and the (happy) tears that were shown during our session. Jenni is one loving mama, seeing her kids together brings her so much joy. Tim & Jenni are very proud parents. I can't let Tim forget our moment of trying to capture romance... lets just say we all laughed so hard we cried. I'll save that photo for the family :) You will laugh just as hard as the first time!

This beautiful wall is in their basement, great idea to snap a few photos in front of it. I always like to bring a few black and white photos into my sessions and I love how this turned out. Sorry, we ended up moving everything around... and around, and did I mention, we moved things around? That's one you probably have to be there for ;) Thanks again for those smiles!

Okay, who doesn't bring there couch outside for a winter photo shoot? Best idea of the day! What fun it brought to the session. The best part is watching Logan look around to see if anyone was actually watching this. I'm pretty sure he's still wondering if we really made them carry it outside. 

And I will save this one for the end. Jenni & Tim you have a beautiful family. Thank you for allowing me into your home to capture some beautiful moments. It was a pleasure meeting Eric for the first time and both of the pups. I'm looking forward to making this an yearly event (Tim's idea of course!) for you all. When I smile through my entire editing session, I know you will too. Thank you again.


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Welcome Little Man <3 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2018/1/welcome-little-man-3

Baby Boy


What an awesome way to start out 2018. I fell in love with this little one, so sweet and oh so sleepy. I was so excited when Cortney contacted me to do some photos of the new little one and his very proud big sister. I've wanted to photograph them for so long, just a beautiful family.

We did our session right at their home, the natural light was gorgeous in every room. I took advantage of every angle I could find, hopefully I didn't make anyone nervous moving things ;) Shooting at a clients house brings so much to the session, perfect time too... boy it's COLD outside!

Watching this sweet girl with her baby brother was magical. The look in her eyes as she looked at him, ugh, melts my heart. The sweet moments from reading to him, to talking to him and just admiring him <3

Look at this little nugget... how could you not fall in love?!?! This is an antique ice cream maker that Tanner is peacefully resting in. It belonged to his daddy's grandfather. What a sweet way to capture something that is so meaningful.

Captured a moment for Daddy, since he was working and wasn't able to watch this fun session. Now that is what I call picture perfect, not to mention... wow what a deer! 

Right here is why I love what I do. I get to capture a moment that is over in a blink of an eye, and preserve it for a lifetime. Truly a beautiful mom full of so much love and admiration for her family. 

Those sweet sweet moments, again we can pose them, we can tell them how to sit or smile, but we can't tell them how to love. It's so clear here and in every image. I can't wait to watch these two grow and change along the way. Nothing cuter than those adorable baby yawns. Perfect way to call it a wrap. Thank you again for allowing me in your home to capture a brief moment into your life. xoxo


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Around the Holidays-2017 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/12/around-the-holidays-2017 It's been a busy past couple months. I tried my first Holiday Mini Session at a local tree farm. I felt it went okay, stressful trying to schedule and work with so many schedules & mother nature. The families were so fun, and I loved the outcome of the sessions! Looking forward to some returning clients.

I haven't blogged or posted many photos as I wanted my families to surprise their family and friends with Christmas photos. Now, I get to review it all and share with you. I was introduced to some new clients, and enjoyed seeing some familiar faces.

First I worked with this awesome family. They are returning clients, as I did their oldest son's senior photos. We had the pleasure of shooting around Cottonwood Barn in Dexter. It was a chilly and windy day, but they hung in there to get some fun photos for mom. Thanks Laura for allowing me to capture some memories to hang up on your wall!

My first time meeting the Fremuth Family, and what a pleasure it was. I felt like I've known them forever, so sweet. I love when I'm referred by someone, not even knowing who it was... Thanks #facebook! We had to cancel our original date as it rained ALL day long. I was worried about the next date as it was chilly and a bit cloudy, but as you can see the photos turned out beautiful. I couldn't have asked for better models and those two little girls were all smiles & giggles. Thank you for allowing me a fun day with your family. Hope to see them again in the future and watch them grow.

So the Wright Family are no strangers to my photography. I again had the pleasure of doing senior photos for both Brandon & Maddie. Maddie was one of my senior reps for the Class of 2018, what fun she was! I love when I can venture out and get to know the entire clan. I've enjoyed working with Melissa, what a great supportive mom she is. I know we've had her following us all over to get that perfect shot. I loved this day, even though it was one of the first cold days of the season... the sun was shining and we got to capture that in photos. It was great meeting dad & the youngest (thinking ahead for his senior photos, ha) Thanks guys for once again allowing me to capture your photos... and I loved your Christmas card <3

This was a fun session as I got to work with not only a returning client, but family friends. I've been blessed to have taken Christopher's and Madeline's senior photos, as well has having Madeline as a senior rep. I was excited when they suggested a local tree farm for their holiday/family photos. Thank you Westman's Tree Farm, your place is just beautiful! I love when a family wants to include their family pet in the photos, oh my was Phoebe just the sweetest. She was in heaven running all over, but always made it back when it was her time to be photographed. I think she is just a natural in front of the camera. Another cold day, but it was end of November in Michigan... but we all survived. I love the outfit coordination and the scarf for Phoebe! We have been trying for a couple years to get family photos, I'm so happy we were able to make it happen this year. Thanks Kaufman's as always it was a joy working with you and all those big smiles!

Another new family to TLP, who came with a referral. I can't say THANK you enough to those who believe in my work and trust to refer me to friends and family. When Marianne contacted me for family photos, she knew exactly what she wanted. Then she said she had 5 young children, all boys at that. I was a bit nervous, I won't lie as you never know how a group that size and young with work out. I was so impressed by them all, sure we had a few tears, maybe a melt down, but they made for the best bloopers to look back on years from now. I tried to memorize all the names before I got there, I think I only mixed them up a couple times. I felt so welcomed by them all and loved that we were able to shoot in their new home & around the property. At the end we did a few sweet photos with the newest addition, I love to capture that moment when all is calm. What a beautiful family and hats off to mom and dad for holding it all together (oh grandma too!) Did I mention I got introduced to Leo, their Christmas elf? Yeah, he was being silly hanging up on the chandelier in the entry way, ha! Thank you Mustchler Family for inviting me in to your home and letting me capture some beautiful memories. I hope to work with you again and watch the boys grow!

Until 2018, I leave it here. I look forward to a new year, filled with new memories to be made. Thank you 2017 for being so good to me, and allowing me so many creative moments. I've enjoyed every moment, every client and every great adventure. Here's a toast to a new year, I look forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for us! Cheers!


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Holiday Minis- 2017 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/11/holiday-minis--2017

Holiday Minis- 

November 11, 2017

I have this one under my belt. Hosted my first Holiday Mini session with much reservation. I've been told that these types of session are time consuming and so hit or miss. I can say I agree to both. I expected to fill my time slots with 8 families, I was short by 1 and had 3 cancellations last minute. I started to second guess why I was doing this again... until each one of my clients showed up. One a returning client, one I just met and did some photos for a group she host, and 2 which I met for the first time today. How to sum up the day... WOW, just overwhelmed with happiness and smiles. Not only did I stage the session, but hosted it outdoors at a tree farm (THANK YOU Pam Braun!) #BraunTreeFarm, but it was 35 degrees out. Also a shout out to my wonderful crew who helped me stage my area... my family <3 I love when you have a vision and it all just falls into place.


Oh my goodness, this little one melted my heart with her sweet smiles & giggles. Thanks mama for bringing that kitkat bar, it sure worked well. I look at that smile and think... must have been when I attached the kitkat to my camera, haha! I love watching this family grow and seeing the beautiful changes in little M. Thank you Ally & JD for allowing me to capture more moments. Oh shout out to Grandma M, that little fur coat was ADORABLE!

What a wonderful family! I met Sandy and little Ryan at a Halloween shoot, I can say for sure Ryan was still unsure about Ms. Tammy ;) These boys, well... lets say they aren't a bit shy in front of the camera. How fun were they??? I've got a huge smile on my face going through their session. I love how the boys look out for their little sister, although I found out she isn't fond of them giving her kisses, ha! So many sweet personalities in this group, I hope to capture them more as they grow.

I had the pleasure of working with the Youngs family for the first time today. They settled right in and were ready to get some memories captured. I loved the spunk in them, and Grace had this beautiful shyness to her. It's always fun to watch the older kids when I say lets do a shot where you hold hands and walk towards me... it's almost like I grew a third eye for a moment, haha! It always turns out so nice, and gives me a chance to capture a pure moment on their faces. I sure hope to capture them again in the future.

Another new family... these two kids were so darn cute & just the sweetest. They came prepared with some big smiles. Being the last session of the day, it was a bit chillier... and I mean we were turning blue (ha) I told them to keep laughing it would warm them up. I loved their outfits, those vest were adorable! Thank you Alexis & Logan for keeping a smile on my face and for giving me all those perfect poses. Mama said she was booking her Holiday session for next year now... I sure hope to see them again!

Thank you all for making my first staged Holiday Mini a success. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. I think I see another mini session in the future... stay tuned ;)


tammylynnephotography@gmail.com (Tammy Lynne Photography) ann arbor michigan ann arbor photographer black and white photography black and white photos blog braun tree farm brothers & sisters capturing the moment chilly day christmas cards christmas cards in the making dexter photographer family family photos holiday mini session holiday photos i love my job i love new clients laughter learning to blog letters to santa new clients north pole express mail photography blog pure michigan siblings smiles tammy lynne photography tree farm http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/11/holiday-minis--2017 Sun, 12 Nov 2017 03:13:39 GMT
Nilsson Family 2017 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/11/nilsson-family-2017

Nilsson Family


I had the pleasure of working with this beautiful family again. I can't believe one is in 7th grade... I remember when mom was holding him in her arms. I love that so many are starting to do more family photos. It's so important to capture these times, as we know they go by way to fast!

There is such a story in black and white photos. I can't ever get enough of them. It's freezing that moment forever, especially when you get that unexpected capture.

Thank you for inviting me into your little family, so much love and character there. A photo session shouldn't be stressful, but many of us stress anyway. Even me, the photographer...

 I love when I end up with raw emotional moments. Just take a deep breath and go with it. Remember there is no perfect session, but there are real moments that you won't forget. Oh, and don't forget the snack bags for kiddo bribes... works wonders (haha!)

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Maddie W- Class of 2018 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/10/maddie-w--class-of-2018

Maddie- Class of 2018


October 21, 2017

The last of the senior sessions... bittersweet for sure. Maddie was one of my senior reps and was so enjoyable to work with. She has one of those bubbly personalities, just makes her fun to be around. This was part 2 of Maddie's sessions, first time around we were in the sunflower field ;) It's nice when the High Schools don't require yearbook photos until Nov/Dec. Gives us time to get some fall color in there too. 

Did I mention this girl is up for anything??? Decided to share some of the behind the scenes... having your photos done, isn't all fun and games... or is it? From playing in the water, to carefully figuring out your steps to get back from that perfect location. Who doesn't like to be upside down? Obviously Miss Maddie (ha) Today, it seemed like summer, yes. However it is fall and obviously the water was getting a bit chilly... just ask Maddie when she had to get in it :) Thank you for being up for all this crazy stuff! Bet she was wishing for those Hunter boots in that middle photo!?!

Another senior with stunning eyes! Love the large leaf we found floating in the water... it did make for a cute prop!

Maddie can go from a smile to serious in no time flat. Sometimes you have to remind her to smile though, I think she gets caught up in the moment (in the best kind of way, of course!) A little bit of sass in that girl too!

And a whole lot of beauty and brains! Maddie is athletic and graceful all in one.

There's that moment when you can take a photo and turn it into black and white and it becomes larger than life. Two that I found for Maddie. I got caught up in the moment this time!

Funny how these ducks followed Maddie from her first photo to the last. I think they were telling her she was beautiful and super sweet for sharing some cookie with them (wink, wink)

Thank you Melissa for being so supportive during these shoots. You were the one to keep those different facial expressions coming! Awesome job!

Best of luck with your school choices Maddie and a successful senior year! I look forward to seeing you in November for some family photos.





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Gomez Family 2017 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/10/gomez-family-2017

Gomez Family


I'm feeling really blessed to call this group my own. My oldest daughter and her beautiful family. Of course when you photograph your own family it goes without saying... that you're going to have a few just listen to me moments. Amanda wanted to have some Fall photos, and it's actually been some time since we did family photos.  The boys are growing up way to fast, and I say capture every moment possible. Those that know us are saying, yup they don't miss a moment (haha) They all looked so nice in their coordinating outfits!

Oh dear, my heart is ready to explode with love. These two have been such a joy to us. Of course my grand kids are the cutest ;)

Our little one thinks he can walk... won't be long and he will be taking those steps alone. The oldest knows how to be around a camera... he was ready to go before I was. Been shooting them from day one.. it's funny when I don't even have to ask him to pose.

And last but not least a little black and white love. There are those certain photos that just scream for a color edit. Those moments that you want to stand still. These are a few of mine from their session. They have such love for each other and I'm so proud to be able to enjoy it with them. Thanks for allowing mama bear to capture some fun photos<3

Oh we can't forget those natural and fun photos... the ones where they say can we make a double chin?!? Wasn't sure what he meant... see this is why we capture... everyone has something going on! Love the double chin look C.



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Torongo Family 2017 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/10/torongo-family-2017

Torongo Family 

October 21, 2017

Always love a repeat client... this will be my 3 year with this fun family. Always such fun seeing the changes every year. All growing up to be such beautiful thoughtful young people.

We had such a gorgeous fall day... not a lot of red color this year, but look at those yellow and oranges. 

Yes, this happened... mom said it was nothing new. I guess it's true, boys will be boys. Made for an awesome photo... way up in that tree!

When black and white freezes that moment, even if for just a second. Working with this family always brings something fun... they are a bit daring and willing to step out on a log, or rock (no pun intended, ha) for a great photo. I know they are excited for about 30 minutes and then one by one they start to get bored, haha! I think we were able to do our session in less than an hour and they were ALL perfect! With smiles, we ended on a great note! I look forward to next years session, let's see where it takes us. I already have a spot in mind that I think they will love! Until next year Torongo's <3

Oh ps... Don't forget to hide your Dexter Rocks!

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Caroline C- Class of 2018 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/10/caroline-c--class-of-2018  

Caroline C- Class of 2018


October 8, 2017

This girl... where to begin. Caroline is one of my 2018 Senior Reps. It was such a pleasure having her on my team. She always showed up with a smile on her face and fun shoes! A girl after my own heart. Caroline wanted to wait and do fall photos for her senior session. I'm really glad she did, because we had so much fun at a few new locations (at least for me shooting at). Big "Thank you" to Alexander Farm Market for allowing us to shoot around the market. This place is always so festive and I love all the fresh baked goods inside. Did I mention the yummy stuff inside??? How cute is her first outfit... dressed for the fall season and the colors were perfect for this location. 

I love when we get to include parents and siblings in the senior session. Thanks for joining us Morgan and supporting your sisters long day ;)

Ok, did I not tell you this girl always shows up with the cutest shoes?!? Check out those boots <3 I had a hard time picking out my favorite images from her session. She has such gorgeous eyes and every photo wants to speak to you. Caroline is very use to working with me and knows my style. I think we could have had a silent session and it would have been perfect. Thanks Caroline for being so easy to capture.

The water was a bit chilly so no swimming today! Again, another adorable pair of shoes <3 We were lucky to find so much fall colors in the areas we were working at... just loving them all.

My black and white captures... that look and those big eyes just draw you in.

Caroline came prepared with her outfits and uniform. I got to see a little bit of a cheer session, that left us all laughing. So much spirit right there. Caroline is a beautiful soul inside and out.

And of course we end it with something a little fun! We tried throwing the leaves up over and over. It turned out to be a bit of a challenge for us both (haha) Finally I said, why not just hold them, hold them up to show those big brown eyes. Captured the fall colors and a great moment. Thank you again Caroline for doing such an awesome job representing TLP. I've enjoyed spending so much time with you, from roof tops, to fire stations to the yacht club, lunch and dinners. You are going to do great things, I have no doubt in my mind. Trust yourself and chase your highest star. Here's wishing you a great senior year! Thank you Molly for allowing me to capture these moments. Up next... your gallery!

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Heather B- Class of 2018 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/10/heather-b--class-of-2018

Heather B- Class of 2018



I love when I get to photograph the youngest siblings. I watched this one grow up... and yes, I kept expecting her to hide behind her mom. It's amazing how much these kids change in a few years. I enjoyed hearing about her college visit and thoughts about where she may attend. It was a win win kind of day because I got to spend the afternoon with her mama as well (been too long!)

Heather has the most natural smile. It's hard to keep that for 3 hours straight, but she did it. Not to mention she was then heading to have Homecoming photos taken. I bet tomorrow morning that smile might be a little stiff ;)

I love shooting at this location and finding new areas for backdrops. This just popped, a little bit of shadow, sunlight and brokeh... and I think we have a stunning image... oh and there is that beautiful smile again!

We had fun downtown and it wasn't even too bad with Apple Daze going on. Always gems for back drops, again looking for the new space to make her photos pop!

I think her dad might appreciate these images... well maybe not (ha) I find the older and more run down it is... the better it looks in pictures. Yes, that door and broken glass came to life when this beautiful girl stepped in front of it! Thanks Heather & Margaret for trusting in my location stop ;)

I love this season and the metro parks. The leaves are falling and yes, a pop of color was to be found. Oh and in Pure Michigan, it's Oct. 7 and 83 degrees out.

I'm so lucky when the mom/dad's are willing to help out. When we need a little shade or bit more light, they are great with the reflectors!  Today was extremely windy, we had to watch and make sure Margaret didn't blow away. The famous dressing room made it's appearance, thanks for helping me get it back in it's bag... wasn't too bad was it?!? 

When everything is packed away, when you're saying good-bye and you turn around and she puts on this cute jacket ... yes, we get the camera out and capture a few more images! Thanks for the awesome afternoon, many laughs and all those huge smiles! I'm so excited for girl scout cookie season (don't forget about me!) Have a wonderful senior year, and let your dreams take you where you want to go. Stay tuned for your full gallery!

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Twins <3 Emily & Nicole- Class of 2018 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/10/twins-3-emily-nicole--class-of-2018

Emily & Nicole- Class of 2018


I was super excited to get to work with these two girls. I had met Emily earlier through one of my senior reps. She actually participated in our Friendship shoot. When I received the email from their mom requesting senior photo information, and found out that Emily was a twin... I thought YES, finally I get to shoot a set of twins :) We set the day up with two locations, Emily & Nicole decided on Island Park and their family tree farm. Let me tell you the weather and that beautiful sunset made for the perfect day!

Neither of the girls were nervous about climbing over logs or getting their feet wet... even in heels and dresses.

How adorable is little Bell, sweet little puppy (Proud mama Nicole) I think she stole the show, lots of attention wherever we went. These girls may be twins, but two different girls. I loved watching the two different personalities, but yet loved how they seemed to just look out for each other. When I asked for a serious look from the girls, I would get one serious and one ... well lets just say you wouldn't want to make her mad (haha)

Tell me... how gorgeous are these shots? Beautiful senior and such beautiful color and light. See what I mean about the family tree farm being a hit. Those tall grasses and fun spruces to pose by! Win win. Emily glowed in her photos, gorgeous for sure!

Nicole always had the soft smile on her face, those eyes just looked right into your soul. So beautiful, there is a story to be told there <3 Mom kept wanting to see those beautiful teeth with her smiles, it was tough... but we did get a few. That Michigan color, loving it and the soft glow of the sunlight, perfect.

I loved Emily's spunk, she was up for anything and can you say WOW on that smile. It was always there, with her sweet laugh as well (oh that laugh, I can hear it as I'm editing ha)

Nicole just had a way of connecting to the camera. It was like she had something to say and she was letting that soft smile and stunning eyes speak. Her soft giggles from time to time were so sweet. I loved her free spirit. Truly beautiful girl, inside and out.

And of course, the captivating black and white images. There is something so innocent in both of them, Emily caught in a moment and Nicole having a sweet glance at her baby. Oh do I love both of these captures.

Can they be any cuter?!? Seriously though, they both just have such fun personalities that shine through those beautiful smiles. Who doesn't love to play in the leaves? Even at 17, it still made them giggle. Thanks Sheri for being so supportive and hanging out. I know Bell was probably very sleepy last night, she had some adventure! Oh, and the girls were probably picking leaves and prickly things out of their hair :/ Thank you for allowing me to be such a small part of the girls journey.

We couldn't have asked for a better ending to a fun filled day. Thank you to Aunt Pam for allowing us around her place (a photographers dream location) I couldn't have asked for anything different out of either girls, they rocked out their sessions. Just because they are twins, they have different needs and I tried to capture some of that in today's session. We might have shared locations, but I think I was able to give each girl her space and moment. Thank you Emily and Nicole for being such fun clients and sharing your afternoon with me. Wishing you both a successful senior year. I look forward to sharing your galleries soon.

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Tom & Judy Taylor and Family- 2017 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/9/tom-judy-taylor-and-family--2017

Tom & Judy and Family

September 30, 2017

What a great afternoon working with this big group. I should probably address it as Uncle Tom & Aunt Judy though. This is my husbands side of the family, proud to be a part of this clan! I'm not going to lie, shooting family members can be tough... the pressure is on. They all made it so fun though, and I enjoyed every minute of it. We shot downtown Stockbridge and let's just say that SUN was so bright! I had a hard time finding places to shoot that actually gave me the light I was looking for. I think in the end we were able to capture some great memories (or at least I hope!)

This is a great group of grand kids that Tom & Judy have. They kept a smile of my face for sure. Thanks for hanging in there and taking time out of your Saturday afternoon to shoot a few photos... well maybe more than a few :) I know Grandma & Grandpa will cherish these photos.

If I remember right it's happily ever after for 52 years, or very close to it. I think that can be chalked up under marriage goals! I love them sitting on the steps of the church they were married at. 

Sometimes you have a session that really touches you, and this is one of them. As I edit and write my blog, I have so much I want to say. I'm going to keep it short though, I promise. These families truly are blessed to have each other. I love that they just went with what I asked, and laughed and joked with each other. When I would say just one more, I was surely called out several times with that was more like 20 more??!!?? Sometimes, I do stretch the truth during my sessions (for a good cause though!)

Thank you Chris & Christy for purchasing a gift card for Tom & Judy. I know they will appreciate these photos, and I know I appreciated working with you all. I again had a great time during the shoot and after. Thank you for inviting us back with dinner (and wine, wink wink). Oh I can't forget the entertainment of corn-hole... very entertaining! It was a pleasure seeing you all, and I hope to do more photos for you in the near future ... hint hint, Mike and Angie <3 I can't wait to get through the rest of your photos and get your gallery loaded, stay tuned!


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Stefanie, Jason & Family- 2017 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/9/stefanie-jason-family--2017

Stefanie & Jason

Mason & Kenzlie



I was so excited when Stefanie contacted me again for photos. She said she just had a baby girl and wanted to do some photos of her. I had the pleasure of capturing photos last year of just the 3 of them. What a beautiful addition to their family, baby Kenzlie. We went from having 90 degree weather to having it only be in the high 60's today (of course, right, we had a photo shoot with a new baby) It really wasn't that bad, we kept the baby warm and the sun was shining!

We did this same photo last year with mom and Mason... only Mason was looking up at mom. Not anymore, boy has he grown! Such a caring boy, you can just see how much mom means to him <3

Wide awake a bright eyed baby girl. I'm not sure she was too excited with me, but I sure was excited with her ;) The family cat decided to join the photo session... keeping a close eye on us. They said Kinzlie loves her hands in her mouth, and boy did she ever... that's ok, we captured her in her natural pose.

What would my session be without a few black and white photos. Just changes the whole moment. Mason asked for a photo of him kissing his sister, we captured that and then this happened. Such a sweet moment, who was giving who advise? Then this other moment happened, Jason's whole world right there. It's a minute in time forever frozen, you're blessed.

Baby K was getting sleepy, it didn't take long after mama was rocking back and forth that she fell fast asleep. Loving how the sun was setting behind us. Another beautiful moment, I truly feel so much connection with these two!

Then the princess fell fast asleep, and we were able to capture so many precious moments. Stefanie and Jason have a beautiful barn, which made for a great back drop. Loved how Stefanie had the feel of fall with her decor. When I heard we had a new baby girl, I packed up all my girlie props... and Stefanie just let me play around. I told Jason to watch out, she took to those pearls right away (ha) They are only little for a bit, remember capture those moments before they get away. I think we did just that, some beautiful memories until the next time. What would a photo shoot with a newborn be without a little spit up and a smelly diaper??? I'm not sure, haven't had one of those sessions yet! Everything worked out just fine though. Thank you again Stefanie & Jason for having me back to capture another beautiful evening with your family. Congratulations on the newest member!

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Murillo Family-2017 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/9/murillo-family-2017

Murillo Family

September 26, 2017


 The Murillo Family were actually one of the two families to find the Tammy Lynne Photography painted rock. I was excited to do their mini session. I love giving back to the Community of Dexter and what better way than a fun rock hunt and photos ;) Becky was just as excited, as she said it had been a long time since they had done family photos. 

I love the black and white image above on the river. It just captures how peaceful the surroundings were. I think Becky was expecting nice fall outfits, but in Michigan it's 90 degrees, so shorts it was. They all looked so cute!

What a great brother, I can tell he will be one to take care of his sisters (so watch out future boyfriends!!!) Sibling pictures are the best, of course once in awhile I have to say pretend like you like each other... of course this is just to make them laugh.

I loved that they wanted to get in the water, remember I did say it was 90 degrees at 6pm. I loved the closeness of this group, how cute are they playing in the water. Like I've said before the family that smiles together stays together... or is it the family that plays together ... stays together? Either way, it's a win win.

Thank you Murillo family for allowing me to share my photography with you. 

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Madeline K- Class of 2018 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/9/madeline-k--class-of-2018

Madeline K- Class of 2018



This senior is near and dear to me. I've known Madeline for a super long time, watched her grow up. My daughters babysat her many years ago. Madeline has also been my go to girl for my photography, she has been there with me since the beginning. Always available to run out for random shoots if I get new equipment or find a new location. I call her the face of "TLP". We have done so many photo shoots that I wasn't sure we would be able to make her actual senior session special enough... however I think we rocked it out. The day started out a little challenging as we had location changes, but in the end it all worked out for the best. We had a full day of fun, laughter, ice cream, meeting new people... and lets say some birds too ;)

This girl is so easy to work with, knows how to connect with me and my camera (heck any camera) She just has that fun personality. For me she always leaves me wanting more... new locations and oh those expressions. Between her and her mom, their fashion style is out of this world. Madeline always comes prepared with a full wardrobe. I love seeing what outfit is next. For her senior session she topped it off... beautiful dresses and fun flirty striped pants!

Thanks DQ, that sprinkle ice cream cone made for a fun photo catch! 

This was Madeline's first trip to Howell, so of course we had to visit the Alley. We had the perfect weather (it did get a bit hot) but the sunshine was awesome! I love hearing about Madeline's bargin shopping... oh the deals this shopping professional can find. Love the romper, fit you perfect.

What would a photo shoot be like without some bloppers and silly moments? I'm not sure because I think every one I've done has them. Makes them all special and different. First it was Peace Out, we are done in Howell, and oh that ice cream... and yes, Madeline met a new friend. He took to her because he followed us out to our next location. I'm not sure who had longer legs or a better pose, ha!

So this did happen, we had the most beautiful sunset and final location of the day. Wow, is all I can say. We captured a lot of what I call breath taking moments. We had a super long day, and she was getting tired, but hung in there for the great sun glow moments. Thanks girly!

The day ended well, I think we captured everything we set out to do. The park was beautiful and all the settings we had today couldn't have been better if we planned everything for months (oh we love our spur of the moments changes <3) Thank you Martha and Madeline for allowing me to capture these moments, and the yummy dinner afterwards! I look forward to watching all the awesome things I know you will do. The future is yours, you are a strong, smart and beautiful girl... with a very warm heart (just ask all the little girls that wanted pictures with her) Have fun and enjoy your senior year, can't wait to get your gallery complete.


tammylynnephotography@gmail.com (Tammy Lynne Photography) alley ann arbor photographer black and white photography blog braces are off capturing the moment class of 2018 cranes dairy queen dexter high school dq fashion fashionista howell michigan i love my job ice cream kensington metro park learning to blog mom goes professional peace out senior chic senior moment senior photos smiles sprinkles sun kissed sunglow tammy lynne photography the senior collective this girl is on fire wild life http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/9/madeline-k--class-of-2018 Sun, 17 Sep 2017 14:14:47 GMT
Bowker Family- 2017 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/9/bowker-family--2017

The Bowker Family


I had the pleasure of working with this beautiful family today. The two young ones are no strangers to cameras, I've been taking their photos for a couple years. It's so nice that they came to Mill Creek Park for photos, of course I'm used to taking photos there... but love to come up with new areas with different views. We had some overcast, but it worked out just fine! 

Grandma & Grandpa are sure proud of their two little girls, it clearly showed today. We got lots of silly looks, and some of those don't look at me looks, but most of all I think we just captured their sweet personalities once again! Look at that adorable couple, I've said it before, but the family that smiles together... stays together. Yes, we had LOTS of smiles and laughs!

Their children are grown with children of their own. I love when families continue to take family photos, no matter how old or how many. These are beautiful memories to cherish a lifetime. Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your afternoon! It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to working with you all again.

tammylynnephotography@gmail.com (Tammy Lynne Photography) ann arbor photographer black and white photography blog capturing the moment country girls cowboy boots dexter dexter michigan dexter rocks family family photographer family photos grandma & grandpa huron river i love my job keeping it local learning to blog mill creek park mom goes professional saline michigan tammy lynne photography tammylynnephotography.com http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/9/bowker-family--2017 Mon, 04 Sep 2017 01:03:57 GMT
Birmingham Family-2017 http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/8/birmingham-family-2017

Birmingham Family


I was so excited when Patty contacted me to do family photos. Perfect time to capture them all together as JP is leaving for Virginia to start is new life chapter. Wishing him all good things ahead. We laughed because the last time family photos were done Lindsey was 2. The funny part was my last family photos I had 2 kids, but guess what ... we have 4! It's easy to put off doing them, but they are memories that are so important to capture! 

We had to reschedule their session once as we were rained out, and today started a little iffy for us (I thought Patty and I jinxed the day by talking about how nice the weather was) However, we couldn't have asked for a better evening. We got a little of everything, overcast, sunshine and yes the golden hour! These two were great to work with, cute personalities. I love capturing siblings together, they grow up so fast. That bond is forever there.

So many beautiful spots to capture memories. I love getting parents with their kids. You never know how a shoot will go with older kids as they tend to just want out of there. I'm sure both of them did, but they hung in there, laughed and joked throughout.

I love the connection of this family. As I'm editing, I'm laughing just thinking about the story behind the capture. They kept a smile on my face start to end. I told them we can just be natural throughout the shoot... Patty thought they needed a little help with posing. I think they did just fine! It's always fun to hear the family chatting as I'm shooting. Yes, I know holding hands with your parents when you are grown... can be a bit odd (haha)

My favorite capture from the night. Just be natural laugh tell jokes, I said, and this is what you get. A beautiful moment, frozen for a lifetime. I say a family that laugh together, stay together. I love absolutely everything about this raw moment. Mom and dad can say this is us, our family. You both should be so proud and it shows through these times. Thank you again for allowing me to step into your life for a short moment and give you something to cherish. Wishing JP the best and Lindsey and awesome school year (Go Dreads!)







tammylynnephotography@gmail.com (Tammy Lynne Photography) a family that laughs together stays together ann arbor photographer blog blog first blogging at it's best border to border capturing the moment dexter family dexter library dexter michigan dexter photographer family family first family photographer freezing a moment in time golden hour i love my job keeping it local learning to blog sun glow tammy lynne photography http://www.tammylynnephotography.com/blog/2017/8/birmingham-family-2017 Fri, 25 Aug 2017 16:04:32 GMT